Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO Review: Should You Buy It?

Review Summary

Pros: comfortable and smooth, shaves very close, easy to use, large battery, cordless & corded operation, easy to clean

Cons: pricey, some well-known issues, not ideal as a face shaver

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[4 out of 5 stars]

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As more rotary head shavers are becoming available, the Pitbull series from Skull Shaver continues to stand out from the rest.

Its performance but also some reliability and customer care issues have made this shaver highly popular and polarizing at the same time.

I have been testing the best-selling Pitbull Gold PRO model for a while and in this review, I will tell you everything you need to know before buying it.

I’ll also compare the Skull Shaver Pitbull to a couple of Remington head shavers and share my opinion on what I consider to be the best option for most users.

So let’s get right to it.

Features overview

As mentioned above, I bought the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO variation.

This one is in my opinion the best pick considering the price, features and performance compared to the other two options, the Silver PRO and Platinum PRO models.

Here’s a quick comparison of all three:

ModelSilver PROGold PROPlatinum PRO
Battery life60 minutes90 minutes90 minutes
DisplaySingle LEDPercentage-basedPercentage-based
MotorLess powerfulPowerfulPowerful
AccessoriesTravel pouch, brush, usb cable, chargerTravel pouch, brush, usb cable, chargerRinse stand, hard travel case, brush, usb cable, charger

The Gold PRO seems to strike the right balance of price and features that actually improve the performance, namely the powerful motor and the larger battery.

As we can see, these are the same in the case of the very expensive Platinum PRO variation, meaning it will shave exactly the same as the Gold PRO.

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO.
The Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO. Image credit: Skull Shaver

So the review will be also relevant in the case of the Platinum PRO if you decide to go with that one.

Personally, I think it’s way too expensive for what you’re getting on top of the Gold PRO: a travel case, a rinse stand and some chrome coating that will flake off anyway.

But let’s now get back to the Pitbull Gold PRO and quickly check out its main features.

1. Ergonomic handle

The Skull Shaver Pitbull features an ergonomic handle.

This to me is one of the main selling points of the Pitbull line.

When using the shaver, you can basically hold it in two ways.

There’s the conventional way, in which you grip the handle with your fingers:

The conventional way of holding the shaver.

And then there’s the Skull Shaver-specific way of holding it and it’s made possible by the two deep cutouts in the body of the shaver (you can see them in the above picture).

This allows you to hold the cutting head between your index and middle finger, with the palm facing your head:

Holding the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO.

This trademark grip feels really natural and puts less strain on your wrist.

Moreover, your fingers won’t fatigue, not even during a lengthy session since you’re not holding the shaver tight with your fingers.

I will go into more detail about which grip should you use in the performance section of the review.

But this is in my opinion a simple and effective solution that’s ideal for a head shaver, especially when shaving the back of the head.

As a side note, this handle is the same throughout the entire Pitbull line.

2. Four-blade shaving head

The 4-blade shaving head of the Pitbull Gold PRO.

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO is essentially a 4-blade rotary razor.

Having used 5-blade head shavers as well, 4 cutters are in my opinion plenty for an effective and fast shave.

This way, the shaving head still has a reasonable size.

The Pitbull is noticeably nimbler compared to a Remington Balder Pro that comes with 5 heads.

The 4 cutting heads of the Skull Shaver Pitbull are what I like to call semi-independent, meaning that if you flex one, the other 3 will follow since they are all interlinked.

The semi-independent flexing heads of the Skull Shaver Pitbull.
The semi-independent flexing heads of the Skull Shaver Pitbull.

Some of the range-topping rotary shavers from Philips (Norelco) for example have completely independent heads, but that system is a lot more expensive to implement.

However, the Skull Shaver Pitbull does have a feature that somewhat compensates for the lack of totally independent heads.

Precisely, the actual metal guards are suspended on these tiny springs inside the plastic holders.

The suspended guards and blades flexing.
The suspended guards and blades flexing.

This allows them to flex in all directions and stay flat on the scalp, which is ideal when using any type of electric shaver.

I’ve always liked this feature, also found on some Philips rotaries, and it really does make shaving more effective.

The Remington Balder Pro and even the new RX7 have the cutters fixed in the plastic saddles for example.

This flexing feature is however present on the Pitbull and along with the smaller head makes the shaver slightly easier and more pleasant to use.

The whole shaving unit of the Pitbull Gold PRO is however fixed, so it doesn’t pivot like the ones of the aforementioned Remingtons.

I personally didn’t find this to have any noticeable effect on the shaving performance.

3. Wet/Dry use

Wet shaving with the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO.
Image credit: Skull Shaver

All Skull Shaver Pitbull models are waterproof (IPX5 rated), so you can safely rinse your shaver clean after using it.

It also means you can shave your head dry or with shaving cream/gel for added comfort and closeness.

4. Cordless & corded operation, USB charging

The Skull Shaver Pitbull can be used both cordless and corded.

Skull Shaver ships the Pitbull Gold PRO with a small USB-A charger and a special USB cable.

Unfortunately, the shaver still has a two-prong charging port, so you will always need that particular USB cable to charge it.

It would have been a lot more convenient to have a USB-C port on the shaver so you can simply use your phone’s cable.

The rechargeable battery will provide enough power for 90 minutes of use, which is excellent and more than what the competition has to offer.

The Skull Shaver Pitbull will also work with the cord plugged in, which is always a nice backup feature.

As a side note, you can use any USB A charger as long as it outputs 5v and 1A.

This is explicitly mentioned on the cable tag. And that is a bit restrictive since most USB chargers output more than 1A (3 or 5 amps being the norm).

So you will not only have to hold on to the special USB cable, but to the charger as well.

The Skull Shaver USB charger.
The Skull Shaver USB charger.

I bought my review unit from Skull Shaver’s EU website, so it came with an EU plug. The units sold in the USA will have a USA charger.

You can however use it anywhere in the world, but you will need a simple plug adapter.

5. Percentage-based battery display

The battery display on the Pitbull Gold PRO.

The battery level indicator is really simple on the Pitbull Gold PRO (and Platinum PRO), but highly effective.

There’s a small LED display on the top of the shaver that shows the remaining battery charge in percentages and will go down in increments of 1% as you use it.

This is in my opinion the best implementation of a battery indicator and more electric shavers should come with one, at least the ones in this price range.

6. Warranty

Skull Shaver offers a 2-year warranty for the Pitbull Platinum PRO, but only 1 year for the Gold PRO and Silver PRO models.

There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the performance of the shaver.

Build quality and ergonomics

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO.

Considering its price, the Pitbull Gold PRO should be one of the more premium rotary head shavers you can buy in 2023.

And based on how it looks and how it feels in the hand, it kind of is.

However, there are also a couple of problems that aren’t quite as obvious.

But first, let’s check out the good parts.

This is a sleek-looking head shaver. On a personal note, I think the Gold PRO looks even better than the blingy Platinum model.

The Pitbull Gold PRO is quite a looker.

The glossy black finish works really well with the silver of the shaving unit and the matte grey of the cutters.

That said, going with a high gloss treatment for the entire body is a bit unusual.

Normally there would be a rubber-like surface on the scalloped sides where you grip the shaver.

Here’s what that looks like on the Remington Balder Pro:

Side view of the Remington Balder Pro next to the Pitbull Gold PRO.
Side view of the Remington Balder Pro next to the Pitbull Gold PRO.

To my surprise though, I never had any serious grip issues while holding the Pitbull the conventional way.

The handle is rather thick and the Pitbull Gold PRO weighs 197 grams (6.94oz) compared to the Blader Pro’s 187 grams.

It is however well balanced and pleasant to use. The 4-blade shaving unit is just right in terms of size for shaving the scalp.

The materials look and feel better a bit compared to the Balder Pro, at least on the outside.

The flat top part of the body is where we’ll find the battery indicator and the power button.

The power button and battery display are located on the top part of the shaver.

It’s a small and clicky button but doesn’t double as a travel lock via a long press. You only get that feature with the Platinum PRO.

The charging port is covered by a small rubber grommet to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating inside the port.

The charging port on the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO.

So if you lose it (I probably will) the shaver will still be waterproof.

The entire shaving unit of the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO can be removed from the main body by twisting it counterclockwise.

The Pitbull Gold PRO with the shaving unit removed.

Normally you would only remove the whole shaving unit when replacing it with a new one.

And that’s a good thing since the locking mechanism seems a bit flimsy and it could become loose if you repeatedly remove the shaving unit or apply excessive force when twisting it clockwise to lock it in place again.

This is one of the issues I mentioned at the beginning that isn’t really obvious from the get-go.

The shaving unit is locked in place via two grooves in the plastic sleeve of the shaving unit and those align with two small bumps on the main body fitting.

Closeup showing one of the notches.
Closeup showing one of the grooves. The rubber collar is a lint magnet.

The notches are however too shallow and the plastic seems a bit soft. I think it’s fine as long as you don’t over-twist it or constantly remove the unit.

Luckily, you can easily remove just the front part of the shaving unit, the one that holds the four cutters and you can then clean it with water.

You simply grab it by the sides and pry it off.

The top part of the shaving unit removed.
The top part of the shaving unit removed.

Furthermore, you can remove each of the shaving heads for deep cleaning, something that’s not possible with the Remington head shavers.

I will go over that procedure in detail in the cleaning section of the review, but I will say that it can be a bit finicky.

Key takeaway

In conclusion, the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO has met my expectations, at least regarding the ergonomics.

Holding the shaving unit between the fingers with the palm facing the head is effortless and a truly useful feature of the Skull Shaver Pitbull.

And despite the chunky body and the lack of grippy sides, it’s still easy to use the conventional way.

The locking mechanism of the shaving unit and the bracket that holds the four cutters in place are the only ones that feel somewhat flimsy.

I would also note the lack of a hair trimmer as a negative — for example, the head shavers from Remington do have one.

There’s also no travel lock and considering the price of the Gold PRO, I think it should have been fitted.

Included accessories

The accessories included with the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO.

The accessories that come with the different shavers in the Pitbull line vary slightly. Here’s what you’ll get with the Gold PRO:

  • Protective cap
  • USB A charger
  • USB cable
  • Cleaning brush
  • Travel pouch
  • User manual

It’s a pretty standard bundle, my only real complaint being the travel pouch.

It doesn’t really offer much protection except against hairline scratches on the piano black plastic.

The Platinum PRO is the only one that comes with a proper travel case.

The Pitbull travel case.
The Pitbull hard travel case. Image credit: Skull Shaver

It can be bought separately from Skull Shaver though for a somewhat reasonable price.

You can find a couple of nice third-party cases on Amazon as well.

Also, I have to mention the Gold PRO packaging which is really nice.

The Pitbull Gold PRO box.

The box is made out of thick, hard cardboard, the graphics are on point and all the accessories are neatly stacked inside.

Pitbull Gold PRO battery life and charging

A wet/dry shaver like the Pitbull that works both cordless and corded is extremely uncommon nowadays.

Most wet/dry shavers will only operate cordless as a safety precaution (you should never wet shave with the cord plugged in).

The Gold PRO is fitted with a large 1400mAh Li-ion battery that can provide up to 90 minutes of cordless shaving.

The same battery is fitted to the premium Platinum PRO model, while the Silver PRO only gets a smaller 600mAh unit.

After testing the Pitbull Gold PRO for a couple of months, I can confirm that the battery life is excellent.

In fact, it’s even slightly better than the official numbers.

A one-minute shave will bring down the battery charge by 1%, so in theory, you would get close to 100 minutes worth of shaving from a full battery.

In reality, you’ll want to charge it before it gets to 10%. Not only will this be good for the battery’s lifespan, but the motor can slow down when the charge is really low.

Charging the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO.

Charging the Pitbull Gold PRO from 0 to 100% takes in excess of two hours. It’s actually not too bad considering the large battery capacity and the tiny 5w charger.

Besides, you can always shave (dry) while the shaver is charging.

The USB cable is long enough, so it won’t be that much of an issue.

There’s a neat animation of the battery indicator as the charging progresses to 100%.

Overall, the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO fares great with regard to battery life: at least 90 minutes of cordless operation, it works while charging, low discharge rate (mine only lost 2% of the charge during an entire month of not using the shaver).

But battery life is one thing and reliability/lifespan is a totally different one.

My unit is still relatively new and everything about the battery is on point.

However, this is probably the area where Skull Shaver still has some work to do in order to improve reliability.

Precisely, some users reported a significant drop in battery life after as little as one year of use.

The battery is not user replaceable and with the 1-year warranty for the Gold PRO, this can be a problem.

I can assess the reliability of a shaver only after enough time has passed, so I will be updating the review if I encounter any problems as I continue using it.

Pitbull Gold PRO shaving performance

Let’s now see how good the Skull Shaver Pitbull actually is at shaving the head, but also the face.

I’ll start with the former as most men considering this type of shaver are mainly interested in the head shaving performance.

But first a bit about how I use and test head shavers.

How I tested the Pitbull Gold PRO

I cut my hair myself and I use head shavers (foil or rotary) to give myself a high skin fade, with the sides and back of my head completely bald.

I kind of like the style and I actually need it this short because my hair grows back really fast.

So I do not shave the top of my head, but as you probably know, that one is probably the least challenging part when shaving your head yourself.

The back of the head is where most head shavers have some trouble.

The maximum hair length on which I tested the Pitbull Gold PRO was just below 1mm.

I personally wouldn’t go beyond that — the shorter the hair, the better this shaver will perform.

Side note: Skull Shaver says not to use it on hair longer than 0.4mm (around two days of hair growth).

The Skull Shaver Pitbull and any other rotary head shavers work best on short hair and using it daily or every other day will be ideal.

It’ll be more effective and more enjoyable to use and your shaving session will take less time.

If your hair is longer, you will need to pre-trim it with clippers before shaving with the Pitbull.

Some users said they even managed to get a good shave after one week of growth, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If the hair grows back very slowly, it just might be doable.

I shaved dry for most of the time, but I tried it with shaving cream as well.

With that out of the way, let’s see how well the Pitbull Gold PRO performed.


I’ll get straight to the point on this one — the closeness of the shave was excellent.

I can even say that the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO is one of the closest shaving rotary head razors out there.

The Pitbull Gold PRO.

See the price on Amazon

That was constantly the case throughout my testing and I didn’t have to put in a lot of effort to get a smooth and close head shave.

Rotary razors generally can’t cut hair as close to the skin as foil shavers — the metal head guards are thicker — but I really can’t complain in this case.

The motor fitted to the Pitbull feels and sounds powerful and the four heads just bite into the hair and it’s a very satisfying cutting action.

I only need a few overlapping swirls over an area to get a smooth finish.

The Pitbull Gold PRO and Platinum PRO come with the so-called Forte blades which supposedly have a more pronounced bevel and glide easier on the skin.

And yes, the shaving head glides fine and the strokes aren’t choppy, but I wouldn’t say it’s any better than the Remington Balder Pro for example.

In fact, that one seems to move a bit easier, at least when shaving the scalp (on the face they feel about the same).

The Pitbull does however have an advantage thanks to the smaller head.

The 4-blade Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro next to the 5-blade Remington Balder Pro.
The 4-blade Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro next to the 5-blade Remington Balder Pro.

It just feels nimbler and you have more control.

And speaking of control, I recommend holding the shaver by the handle — the conventional way — whenever you need more precision.

The conventional way of holding the shaver.

You can use the trademark Skull Shaver grip for most of the shave and switch to the conventional one when you get close to the ears or beard (if you happen to rock one).

The shaving unit is also taller compared to the Remington (there’s more space between the head and the handle), which again helps when maneuvering it around the ears and you can better see what you’re doing.

A double foil shaver like the Andis ProFoil can shave a bit closer, but it’s not as comfortable as the Skull Shaver Pitbull and it’s also not as fast and effective when shaving the head.

The closeness is overall similar to the Remington head shavers, maybe with the slightest advantage for the Skull Shaver Pitbull.

I was perfectly happy with the closeness of both and I think most users will be as well.


The Pitbull Gold PRO is surprisingly comfortable for a rotary shaver.

I have really sensitive skin on the back of my head, starting from the occipital ridge and down to the neck and a lot of shavers (like the aforementioned Andis) give me a nasty razor burn.

Fortunately, I didn’t experience any serious discomfort while using the Pitbull and it remained perfectly smooth and gentle.

The heads didn’t even get slightly warm, which again made using it very enjoyable.

I think it’s a perfectly good option even for men with a sensitive scalp. I’d say it’s one of the most comfortable head shavers I’ve used so far.

And even when I pressed it a bit too hard, it still remained adequately comfortable. So you can be a bit sloppy with your technique as it appears to be quite forgiving.

Also, some rotaries will sometimes pull hairs if you move the head too fast or if the hair is too long.

I deliberately did that just to see how forgiving it is. And again, the results were surprisingly good and it didn’t snag any hairs.

I do not however recommend doing that; it’s always best to shave in a steady and controlled manner.

Wet shaving

When it comes to head shaving with an electric razor, my preference is definitely toward a dry shave.

It’s faster, less messy and with the right shaver, it’s also adequately close and comfortable.

And for my particular use case (high skin fade), it’s also a lot more practical and I can better see what I’m doing.

But I did test it with my shaving cream of choice from Speick just to see if it makes any difference.

And I think it does — not a huge one, but I’d say you can get a slightly closer shave that way.

The comfort was already excellent in my case, so I can’t say it was an improvement in that regard.

But you can definitely give it a try and see how it goes — some men really prefer wet shaving and get better results that way.

Shaving the face with the Pitbull Gold PRO

Skull Shaver markets its Pitbull razors as both head and face shavers, explicitly stating that you do not need a separate shaver for your face.

And it makes sense, the Pitbull being just a rotary shaver with a somewhat unconventional handle.

Well, I’ve tried it and the results were again better than I expected.

I’m definitely a foil guy when it comes to electric shaving.

I can get a decent shave with a good Philips rotary if I put in the effort, so I really didn’t have high hopes for a head shaver made by a rather niche manufacturer.

The Pitbull Gold PRO however was surprisingly comfortable and also shaved close.

On the cheeks in particular it gave me one of the closest shaves of any rotary.

And it was really smooth as well.

Things weren’t quite as good when shaving my neck and below the nose, but I’ve had a lot worse.

First, there’s the large, fixed shaving head. It’s perfectly fine when shaving the head, but when used on the neck and on the jawline, it’s not as easy to use as a conventional 3-blade rotary.

Second, if you have sensitive skin on the neck, the Pitbull Gold PRO is maybe a bit too harsh.

I got some redness and razor burn after I shaved and while it didn’t pull any hairs, the discomfort was quite significant.

Shaving right below the nose was similar — a bit cumbersome because of the 4-blade head and a bit too aggressive.

But overall, I’d say it’s a viable option for a face shaver, even though you won’t have the most enjoyable experience (mainly because of the large shaving head).

And by large I mean in comparison to a typical 3-blade rotary razor.

I think the Skull Shaver Pitbull should be regarded primarily as a head shaver. It is however more manageable than the Blader Pro when shaving your face.

Noise during use

Being a rotary, the Skull Shaver Pitbull is definitely on the quieter side.

It’s a lot quieter than most foil shavers, but a bit louder than a typical Philips rotary.

I think the slight increase in noise is caused by the more powerful motor that rotates the blades at a higher rate.

The motor itself is actually whisper-quiet — if I turn the shaver on with the shaving unit detached I can barely hear anything.

So the noise is mainly produced by the rotating blades. And there are four of them instead of three, hence it’s a bit louder compared to a 3-blade rotary.

But overall using it shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re extremely sensitive to noise.

Cleaning and maintenance

Quick clean

Cleaning the Skull Shaver Pitbull is really the same as cleaning any other rotary shaver.

This means you only need to rinse the shaving head with warm tap water after every shave.

It’s quick, easy and straightforward.

Once you finish shaving your head and/or face, turn the shaver off and remove the top part of the shaving unit.

The Pitbull Gold PRO does a fantastic job of keeping most hair clippings inside the shaving unit, which is something most foil shavers for example fail to do.

I usually tap the plastic frame of the shaving unit on my sink to remove most of the hairs, then I generously rinse it with water inside out.

Rinsing the shaving unit of the Pitbull with tap water.

I also wash the base of the shaving unit (the one attached to the handle) as the hairs will stick to that plastic plate as well.

Cleaning the base of the shaving unit.

After that, I shake off the excess water and let everything air dry overnight.

I highly recommend leaving the shaving unit detached from the shaver, otherwise the moisture won’t evaporate completely and in time it’ll get a funky odor.

This quick cleaning process takes less than one minute and should be enough if you do it after every dry shave.

Cleaning with water and soap

If you use shaving cream, I would also suggest cleaning the Skull Shaver Pitbull with water and liquid soap because lather is notoriously difficult to clean from all the nooks and crannies.

It’ll dry and solidify in time and will be a pain to remove. And these buildups can affect the performance of the cutters.

So if you wet shave, the best way to clean a Pitbull shaver would be with water and some liquid hand soap.

First, rinse most of the lather from the shaving head with tap water.

Then dissolve some liquid soap in warm water inside a small container (like tupperware).

You would then submerge only the front of the shaving unit in the soapy water, turn the shaver on and let it run for approximately 10 seconds.

Cleaning the Pitbull Gold PRO with warm water and soap.

After you turn it off, remove the shaving unit and give everything a good rinse under the tap.

Shake off the water and again leave everything air dry overnight.

This water and soap procedure is only necessary if you wet shave with shaving cream.

Ideally, you would clean it that way after every wet shave, but once a week would probably work too.

If you only shave dry, then just rinsing the shaver under the tap should be enough.

Just a word of caution, the Pitbull Gold PRO is waterproof in the sense that it is splash resistant when you rinse it.

You should never submerge it in water as it can get irreversibly damaged.

As for lubrication, the manufacturer doesn’t mention anything.

It’s probably not necessary if you only clean it with water.

If however you use shaving cream and clean the razor with water and liquid soap, lubricating it once a week would probably be beneficial.

You can use a spray lubricant for clippers like the Andis CoolCare Plus or Clippercide.

Alternatively, you can also use a clipper oil like the ones from Wahl or Oster. A single drop on the outside of each cutter should be enough.

Just let the shaver run for a few seconds after applying it and you’re all set.

That is pretty much all the cleaning you’ll ever need to do for your Skull Shaver Pitbull.

Deep cleaning

Rinsing the shaving head with water after every shave will prevent dirt and grime from accumulating inside the four cutters.

If for some reason this does happen (you can visually inspect the inner part of the shaving unit), you will need to clean each head individually.

For that, you need to first remove the white bracket that locks the cutters in place.

The inside of the Pitbull shaving head showcasing the locking bracket.
The inside of the Pitbull shaving head showcasing the locking bracket.

For that, you must rotate the small grey wheel counterclockwise. The bracket will pop out and then you’ll get access to the actual guard&blade pairs.

And I say pairs because they really are matching pairs and you should not intermix them.

That’s why you must take extra care when performing this deep cleaning and only clean one pair at a time.

The disassembled shaving unit of the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO.
The disassembled shaving unit of the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO.

You would take each guard and rotary blade out of the holder, clean any hardened dirt, then place them back in place.

Cleaning a guard with water.

The bracket is a bit fiddly to put back in the correct position, so make sure it sits properly before locking it in place by turning the serrated wheel clockwise.

This deep clean should again only be performed if there’s dirt stuck inside the shaving heads.

It shouldn’t be necessary if you quickly rinse the shaver after every use as presented above.

Replacement parts availability

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO comes standard with the so-called Forte blades.

Skull Shaver Forte PRO 4 Head Replacement

Skull Shaver Forte PRO 4 Head Replacement Blade.

See the price on Amazon

But unlike most rotary shavers, you must replace the entire shaving head when the blades become blunt.

The good part is that in case there’s some wear on the plastic parts of the shaving head — frame, bracket, locking collar — you’ll be getting a new one.

The downside is that the price is usually higher compared to just buying the guard and blade pairs.

And if you were to change the head every two years for example (that’s the standard timeframe for Philips rotaries), the price would have been quite reasonable.

However, you should expect the Pitbull blades to last anywhere from 3 to 6 months with regular/daily use.

That’s a bit underwhelming in my opinion, especially since rotary blades usually last a lot longer than a micro-foil before needing to be replaced.

You can replace the shaving head of your Pitbull Gold PRO with another 4-blade Forte head, or you can choose from the multitude of Skull Shaver replacement heads available.

There are 3, 4 and even 5-blade shaving heads available as replacement parts and since the whole shaving unit is getting replaced, they are all compatible with the Pitbull line.

If you want a 3-blade head like the one that comes with the cheaper Skull Shaver Palm, you can do just that.

Or you can get one of the older 5-blade heads — those are usually cheaper, but also tend to last even less than the 4-blade units.

The 5-blade Carver head.
The older 5-blade Carver head. Image credit: Skull Shaver

In my opinion, the 4-blade heads are the best option for most users. The cutting surface is large enough without the head being overly bulky.

The 4-blade Carver heads are really similar performance-wise to the Forte, so you should just get the one you can find cheaper.

The most common problems with the Skull Shaver Pitbull

The Skull Shaver Pitbull and the most common reliability issues.

My Pitbull Gold PRO was bought around three months ago and considering how often I’ll be using it (roughly once every 2 weeks), I’m not yet in a position to draw any conclusions regarding its reliability.

However, I’ve been talking to many Skull Shaver users over the past few years and I have a good understanding of the most common problems, particularly with the Pitbull line.

Here are the main ones.

1. Battery issues

This seems to be the most widespread fault. Precisely, the battery will sometimes not hold a decent charge after approximately one year.

And it seems to affect some units even when stored and charged properly with the included charger/cable.

It doesn’t of course mean it’ll happen to you, but it’s a risk worth considering before pulling the trigger.

You can of course continue using the shaver with the cord plugged in, but that can be a deal breaker for some users.

2. The motor stops working

In several cases, the motor simply refused to turn on. If this happens under warranty, the manufacturer should repair or replace the shaver.

3. Shaving head/blades problems

I’ve seen some cases where the shaving head, or better put, parts of it, usually the locking bracket or the blade holders, have failed.

Unlike the previous two problems, this can be fixed with a new shaving head, but it’s still highly inconvenient when it happens.

4. The chrome finish on the Pitbull Platinum PRO

The range-topping model of the Pitbull line, the Platinum PRO, comes with a special finish.

It is in fact just a foil applied over the plastic surface and will most likely begin to flake out in time.

There are many user reports/images of this happening.

It’s not an issue with the Silver PRO and Gold PRO models as it only affects the more expensive Platinum PRO variation.

5. Poor customer support

This isn’t a problem with the shaver itself, but still worth mentioning.

There were reports of very slow replies from Skull Shaver support or failing to respond at all to emails.

Currently this seems to be less of an issue, but the support is still rather a mixed bag.

You would need to be rather unlucky for any of these to happen (except for the peeling of the Platinum PRO coating, that one will most likely occur), but it is possible.

There are users that have been using a Skull Shaver Pitbull for years without any issues at all.

Should you buy the Skull Shaver Pitbull?

Performance-wise, I can’t really fault the Pitbull Gold PRO that I’ve been testing.

It’s one of the best rotary head shavers I’ve used so far.

The Pitbull Gold PRO.

See the price on Amazon

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO is comfortable, effective and shaves very close.

Using it is effortless and has plenty of cutting power, both as a head and a face shaver.

If it seems like the right tool for your needs — a head shaver that provides close and comfortable shaves but must be used often (daily/every other day ideally) — it’s a great option.

It’s not however cheap and the costs of ownership aren’t the lowest with the shaving heads that need to be replaced periodically.

I guess it all comes down to your risk tolerance. If it’s high, then by all means get it. I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy using it as a head shaver.

If however you’re afraid of being one of the unlucky owners or you want a more affordable option, then you should consider some alternatives.

Alternative shavers

The Remington Balder Pro is unsurprisingly the one that makes the most sense if you’re on the fence about the Pitbull.

Remington Balder Pro

See the price on Amazon

It’s also a rotary head shaver, but it has a 5-blade shaving unit and a similar design.

The handle does however only allow you to hold it the standard way. It’s still easy to use, though.

The Remington Balder Pro held in hand.

The performance is extremely similar, the Skull Shaver being maybe only slightly more comfortable and a bit easier to use since it has just 4 blades.

The Remington doesn’t have all the bells and whistles (like battery display, USB charging, spring-loaded cutters) and only works cordless.

However, it costs a lot less and in terms of shaving performance, I wouldn’t say it’s inferior.

The blades will likely last longer and the reliability of the shaver is also probably better.

For more details you can check out my detailed review of it.

Finally, if you live in the UK/Europe, there’s a new Remington head shaver available called the RX7:

Remington RX7.

Buy it on

It’s basically an evolution of the Balder Pro above, with a nicer design, USB charging, a more powerful Turbo mode and a slightly bigger battery.

This model is not available (yet) in the USA/Canada. You can however safely go with the Balder Pro as it will be extremely similar performance-wise and also cheaper.

Finally, for even more options and info, you can check out my in-depth guide on the best head shavers.

If you have any other questions or you’d like to share your experience with the Skull Shaver Pitbull, make sure to leave a comment below.

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15 thoughts on “Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO Review: Should You Buy It?”

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  1. I’ve tried this one, but didn’t like it. The build quality doesn’t feel great and it took me very long to shave my head and even then, the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold didn’t get all hairs on my head. For me, the Remington RX5 works better and also costs less.

    By the way: Are you bald, Ovidiu? I’m asking because you seem to have a full head of hair, at least judging from your profile picture.

    • Hi Nico,

      Many thanks for the feedback. The RX5 does have a sturdier coupling mechanism for the shaving unit. If it also gives you a better shave, it’s a win.

      Regarding your question, I am not bald, but as I mentioned above in the How I tested the Pitbull Gold PRO section, I cut my hair myself (been doing it since the lockdown and it’s oddly satisfying and enjoyable). I do need to use a shaver as I give myself a high skin fade, so basically I don’t shave the top of my head. The sides and back are trickier though and I can get a good idea of the shaver’s capabilities.


      • Hi Ovidiu,

        My bad, I completely overlooked the “How I tested” part for some reason. But you are absolutely right: Shaving the sides and back of the head is the trickier part, because even when you’re balding, the hairs there are much more coarse and dense.

        The RX7 has a “Turbo” button and I wonder if it’ll actually work as expected. If so, this could make things easier.

        • No problem — you’ve also summed it up perfectly.

          The Turbo mode on RX7 does work and it is noticeable. It runs consistently at a higher speed which translates into faster and more effective cutting. Not a massive difference, but it is there. I wouldn’t say it shaves closer than the RX5, but it can help you get a smooth shave faster, especially if the hair is coarser. For some reason the RX5 was gentler when used on the back of the neck compared to the RX7 (in both the normal and the Turbo setting).


          • Thank your for your reply and detailed response.
            With the RX5, I sometimes get razor burn on my neck, especially when not being careful enough or going over the same spot multiple times. But using shaving oil before usually helps me with that.

          • You’re very welcome.
            It definitely can do that, it’s a comfortable shaver provided you’re careful and at least in my case, only use gentle pressure. As a side note, I am yet to find something more comfortable than the Braun Series 9 when used as a head shaver. I can get away with doing pretty much anything with that one. But it does have its own limitations compared to a shaver specifically intended for shaving the head like the RX5/7 or the Skull Shaver. It can be fiddly to use on the back of the head, especially for users with more prominent skull bones.

            Haven’t tried shaving oil as I was a bit wary of hairs sticking to the skin and to the shaver which would not be ideal. But I might give it a shot since I already have a small bottle of King of Shaves oil.


  2. I agree with the Braun Series 9: I’ve used this for shaving my head as well for some time and it was the smoothest shave I’ve ever gotten with an electric shaver. But because it’s not specifically designed for the head, it took quite long and the handling also wasn’t the best.

    I would really love to see a dedicated head shaver from Braun, but it seems that products for shaving the head do still play a niche role.

    • That is true, unfortunately. Apart from Remington, the big three seem to ignore this market segment completely (trimmers and clippers don’t really count in my opinion). Philips did have a really unique head shaver, the QC5580, but got discontinued a couple of years ago. It was pretty expensive to be honest and the sales were probably not going great.


      • Ah yes, I remember the QC5580, it was also called the “Do-it-yourself” clippers, if my memory doesn’t serve me wrong. And of course I had that one as well, but only used the foil shaver attachment.

        It was okay, shaving the head took much longer than doing a wet shave, but the result was good and the shave was very close to the skin. But as you’ve said: It was quite expensive and also the build-quality wasn’t great. It felt cheap. Too bad it didn’t sell well, because I’d imagine Philips to make great rotary head shavers as well.

  3. Hi Ovidiu,

    I’ve been using the Skull Shaver for a while and regularly disassemble the shaver to clean it.

    You say that you shouldn’t intermix the blade pairs.

    I’ve been mixing the blade pairs and haven’t noticed any effect to the quality or the closeness of the shave.

    Is there any reason as to why you suggest that you shouldn’t mix the blade pairs and that you should only clean one at a time ?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Robert,

      The blade and guard are usually machined in pairs, so the blade (the beveled edge) sits perfectly flush with the inner track of the guard. Other blade from a different pair might not — this is very obvious in the case of Philips rotaries. Remington for example even color codes the blades and guards to help the user not intermix them.


  4. Hi Ovidiu,

    Completely agree with you, I have been following you for a while which is why I asked you this question.

    Will there be any negative effect since I’ve already mixed the blade pairs ?

    I’m thinking of ordering a brand new Pitbull shaver and being a little more cautious next time to not mix the blade pairs…

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Robert,

      The negative effect is usually represented by the blade settling in inside the new guard while you use the shaver. This basically means some grinding which can accelerate the wear. During this period the performance of the shaver can also be less than optimal (some hairs getting pulled, more work to get a smooth shave). If you haven’t noticed any of these, then it’s probably all good as the cutters and blades are almost identical — that’s not always the case. Just make sure not to mix them again.


  5. hello
    i have order one skull shaver gold pro but not received yet .i meanly need for face and body shaving (not for head) is it comfortable and give a smooth shave or i have to change to one braun series 9 is better which will be meanly as 3x expensive more than gold bro.

    • Hi Michael,

      As I mentioned in the review, I don’t consider the Pitbull Gold Pro an ideal shaver for the face. It’ll be fine if you mainly use it as a head shaver, but otherwise, it doesn’t make sense getting it to be used just on the face. The head is just too large and cumbersome.

      As for using it as a body shaver, it would be a really poor choice. Rotary shavers are just not designed for that.

      In my opinion you should really be looking at two reasonably priced devices — one for the face and one for the body. If you absolutely must have a single device for doing both, then you should consider an electric shaver with a trimmer attachment (and combs) like the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010BT. The trimmer attachment on that one was intended for trimming a beard, but it’ll work fine on the body as well.

      But in my opinion getting two devices that excel at shaving the face and body, respectively, makes more sense. You don’t have to splurge on a Series 9 as there are other cheaper and still capable electric shavers like the Braun Series 8 or Panasonic Arc 4. You can check out my guides on the best electric shavers and body trimmers to find an option that will be suitable for your needs and budget.



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