Braun Shavers Comparison & Buyer’s Guide (2023)

When it comes to buying an electric shaver, there’s probably no other brand out there that makes things as difficult as Braun.

There are countless updates and iterations and there’s no resource that tries to untangle the mess and make it easier for the buyer to pick the right Braun shaver.

Just trying to make sense of all the different series and models feels overwhelming.

Wanting to fix this, I decided to create a simple, comprehensive and actionable Braun shavers comparison & buying guide.

Braun electric shavers comparison.

In the past, I’ve published many posts on specific Braun series, but this is the one that ties everything together.

I’ve been using Braun electric razors for more than 20 years and for the better half of that I’ve shared my experience with them on this very website.

And in this article, I’ll show you which Braun shaver to choose depending on your budget and needs.

I’ll also guide you through the options if you want to upgrade your current Braun shaver to one that would actually give you a better shave.

Finally, I’ll address other important aspects like replacing the shaving head with the right part, finding a compatible cleaning station and getting the most out of your Braun shaver.

So let’s get right to it.

The current state of Braun shavers

Braun Series shavers.

Braun, currently owned by Procter & Gamble, is one of the big three electric shaver brands alongside Philips (Norelco) and Panasonic.

It’s particularly popular in Europe and the USA but they’ve been doubling down on their marketing efforts in the Asian markets as well.

In 2023, the vast majority of Braun’s electric shavers that are still in production are part of a so-called Series.

For example, the Series 3, Series 7 or the Series 9.

There are some sub-series and variations as well like the Series 3 ProSkin or the Series 9 PRO, but we’ll get to those at the right time.

Only a few razors live outside of a Series (like for example the Braun travel shavers) while others have been discontinued (like the Braun CoolTec).

As a rule of thumb, the higher the number of a series, the better, more capable and more advanced the shavers belonging to that series are — e.g. a Series 8 razor is better than a Series 3.

However, there are a couple of exceptions and gotchas as well and I will address them explicitly when presenting each of the series.

Braun only makes foil electric razors (as opposed to rotary), meaning the actual blades sit behind a thin perforated metal screen and reciprocate at a very high speed.

The foil head of the Braun Series 3.
The 3-blade foil head of the Braun Series 3.

As you move the shaving head over the skin (always against the direction of growth), the hairs will poke through the holes in the foil and get cut by the moving blades.

The more advanced and more expensive Braun series have specialized cutting elements (in addition to the basic foils) for capturing and cutting more difficult facial hair.

Braun Series 9 Pro shaving head.
The shaving head of a Braun Series 9 Pro with two extra cutters for a total of four.

And by difficult I mainly refer to longer, flat-lying hairs and/or that grow in different directions.

So which are the Braun shaver series you can buy right now?

Well, here they are:

  • Braun Series 1
  • Braun Series 3
  • Braun Series 5
  • Braun Series 5 50
  • Braun Series 6
  • Braun Series 7
  • Braun Series 7 70 (360 Flex)
  • Braun Series 8
  • Braun Series 9 and Series 9 Pro

That is a macro-level, simplified view.

We have old and new generations for a given series, some discontinued, some still available and with massive differences in terms of performance in some cases.

In the comparison section, I will present everything in a simple and easy-to-grasp manner so you’ll be able to easily figure out which one to get.

Solo and CC models — what does it mean?

Based on terminology and model names (regardless of series), there are basically two types of Braun shavers:

  • Solo models — the ones ending in s or cs
  • Clean & Charge models — the ones ending in cc

The solo Braun shavers do not come with an automatic cleaning and charging station, while the cc models (cc standing for Clean & Charge) do.

A Braun Series 8 cc shaver in the cleaning station.
A Braun Series 8 cc shaver in the cleaning station.

The difference between an s and a cs model is that the cs always includes a charging stand, while an s shaver can include the stand, but it’s not always the case.

A charging stand is always redundant with Braun shavers as you’ll also be able to charge the shaver by plugging the cord directly into the shaver.

It’s the same in the case of the cc shavers that come with a station. You can charge them via the station or directly with the included cord.

Charging a Braun Series 9 cc shaver directly with the cord.
Charging a Braun Series 9 cc shaver directly with the cord.

This is actually one of the most frequent questions I get and it’s a perfectly legitimate concern.

Nobody wants to haul a bulky cleaning station on a holiday for example just to charge a shaver.

Several solo Braun shavers will work with a compatible station purchased later on or from an older cc shaver, but that depends on the particular series or even on a specific revision of that series.

Therefore, I will present the station compatibility for each Braun series separately.

Wet/dry and dry-only Braun shavers

Wet/dry Braun shaver.

Most of the current Braun electric razors are wet/dry models, meaning you can also shave in the shower or with shaving cream/gel.

It also means the shaver will only work cordless, so you won’t be able to shave with the cord plugged in (as a safety precaution).

There are however a handful of Braun shavers that are dry-only models and those will actually work while charging.

I know this is an important feature for several users and I will explicitly present these models in the comparison table of each series.

Most dry-only variations are however waterproof and you’ll still be able to safely clean them with water.

Performance throughout a Braun series

Various Braun Series 9 shavers.

All the Braun shaver models belonging to a particular series and generation will have identical shaving performance.

They use the same motors and shaving heads and the only differences are related to included accessories (like cleaning stations or trimmer attachments), color, wet/dry or dry-only use.

Some are country-specific models but aren’t any different than the global variations.

So you may be able to get a model that’s only available in your country and doesn’t show up in my comparison.

In that case, you can rest assured that everything stated for that particular series still applies to the specific model you can get.

Now, what I think makes choosing a Braun shaver very difficult is that there can be massive differences between the different generations of a series.

For example, the old and new Series 5 or the old and new Series 7.

When that’s the case, I will present separately each generation and also show you which one is better and what to choose depending on the still available options.

With these necessary prerequisites out of the way, let’s get to the meat of the matter and check out all the Braun shavers and see how they compare to each other.

Braun electric shavers comparison (2023)

Braun Series 1

The Braun Series 1.
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The Series 1 is the absolute entry-level family of shavers in Braun’s lineup.

Again, I’m not taking into consideration Braun’s travel razors which in all honesty aren’t very capable and should not be considered for regular use.

In fact, I wouldn’t really recommend the Series 1 as your main shaver either.

These are single-foil electric razors that only perform reasonably well on short and light beards.

On top of that, the Series 1 aren’t really comfortable and can induce some razor burn if your skin is sensitive.

Braun markets the Series 1 as a beginner-friendly electric razor which does make sense since it’s a small, simple, single-foil shaver, easy to use and easy to clean.

But considering the above-mentioned limitations, along with the fact that some Series 1 models cost almost as much as the (better) Series 3, make the Series 1 a rather difficult shaver to recommend.

Here are the main features of the Braun Series 1:

  • Single-blade foil cutting system
  • Corded-only or cordless-only use (40 minutes of runtime)
  • Integrated slide-out hair trimmer
  • Washable (IPX7 rated)
  • Universal voltage adapter (100–240 volts)

Model comparison

ModelUseReplacement partsAccessories
Braun Series 1 190s (dark grey)
cordless-only (washable)10BCharger, cleaning brush, protective cap
Braun Series 1 170s (dark grey)
corded-only (washable)10BCharger, cleaning brush, protective cap
Braun Series 1 150s (silver)
corded-only (washable)11BCharger, cleaning brush, protective cap
Braun Series 1 130s (dark blue)
corded-only (washable)11BCharger, cleaning brush, protective cap

Side note: To keep things simple, I did not include the completely discontinued Series 1 models like the Series 1 cruZer (FreeControl).

There are basically three Braun Series 1 models readily-available to choose from: 190s, 170s and 130s.

The 150s can still be found in several European countries, but it is otherwise not available.

Tip: you’ll sometimes find the Braun Series 1 shavers listed like this: 130s-1, 150s-1 and so on. Just know that they refer to the exact same models (without the -1 in the name).

What matters is that all Series 1 models start with 1, so you can easily tell them apart from the other Braun families of razors.

In this regard, Braun is better compared to Panasonic which uses some really confusing and unnecessarily complicated names.

As stated at the beginning, the actual shaving performance (which isn’t particularly flattering) is the same throughout the entire Series 1 range.

The differences come down to color, design, replacement head part numbers and corded vs cordless use.

As you can tell from the comparison table above, some models like the 190s are cordless-only shavers, while the 170s and 130s models are corded-only.

Also, the 190s and 170s have a different design compared to the rest, but are functionally the same.

All Series 1 are IPX7 rated, meaning they can be safely rinsed with water for easy cleaning.

Washing the Braun Series 1.

Even though the Series 1 is underwhelming when it comes to shaving performance, I have to give props to Braun for including a hair trimmer on all models and also a protective cap.

The Series 1 hair trimmer.
The extended Series 1 hair trimmer.

Believe it or not, the latter is a rare sight with most top-tier Braun models as you’ll see later on.

Replacement parts

The 10B foil and blade set.

Braun Series 1 shavers use either the 11B or the 10B foil and blade set.

Precisely, the 190s and 170s models will require the 10B set, while the rest will work with the 11B.

The only difference between the 11B and 10B heads is the shape of the foil frame which needs to be different in order to accommodate the different designs of the 190s and 170s shavers.

However, both shave exactly the same.

Side note: the B in 10B or 11B stands for black and we’ll find this notation with the rest of the Braun replacement heads all the way to the Series 9 and 9 Pro.

But getting back to the 11B/10B, it’s a very basic single foil and single blade set that should be replaced every 18 months according to Braun.

The price is pretty reasonable for such a simple head and you should be able to buy the set if you live in Europe or the USA.

Key takeaway

As the entry-level range, the Braun Series 1 has an affordable price and it’s very easy to use.

Moreover, all models come with an integrated hair trimmer and a protective cap, something we don’t see on other shavers at this price point.

Unfortunately, because of the very basic cutting system comprised of a single foil element, the performance of the Braun Series 1 simply won’t be good enough for most users.

In my opinion the Series 3 is the entry point to Braun’s capable but still affordable electric razors that can be reliably used by most men as their main shaver.

And as I mentioned previously, some Series 3 models cost almost the same as the Series 1, which further tips the scales in favor of the Series 3 when it comes to buying an affordable Braun shaver.

Having used a Series 1 in the past, I cannot really recommend it for regular use.

It might work as a backup or travel shaver, but it will only shave reasonably well if your beard is short and not on the coarse side.

Most men will be better off spending a bit more on a Series 3 as the performance bump will be significant.

Braun Series 3

The Braun Series 3 ProSkin.


The Series 3 is probably Braun’s most popular line of electric razors.

The recipe for success is quite simple here: the Series 3 offers very decent shaving performance at a reasonable price and the shavers and replacement heads are durable and widely available.

As I mentioned previously, I consider the Series 3 to be the entry-level pick for most users, including men (and teenagers) looking to buy their first electric shaver.

It uses a 3-blade cutting system comprised of two foils and one slit-trimmer that handles the more difficult hairs.

The Braun Series 3 shaving head.
The Braun Series 3 shaving head.

This represents a significant improvement over the single-foil Braun Series 1.

The current Braun Series 3 models can be grouped into three sub-categories:

  • Series 3
  • Series 3 ProSkin
  • Series 3 BT (aka Shave&Style)

The Series 3 is the basic, cheaper line, while the Series 3 ProSkin offers a few upgrades that are in my opinion well worth the extra money.

The basic Braun Series 3 300s (black) next to the Series 3 ProSkin 3040s (blue).
The basic Braun Series 3 300s (black) next to the Series 3 ProSkin 3040s (blue).

And the most important upgrade for the actual shaving performance is the shaving head.

Precisely, the ProSkin models come with a better shaving head that’s gentler to the skin and also better at catching flat-lying hairs.

This improved shaving head is however also compatible with the entry-level non-ProSkin Series 3, so you can give those a quick and cheap upgrade.

I will be sharing the exact part numbers for the shaving heads in the dedicated section.

Apart from the tweaked shaving head, the ProSkin shavers are also fitted with a larger rechargeable battery which can provide up to 45 minutes of use compared to 30 minutes on the basic models.

Further reading: For a complete and detailed comparison, you can read my comprehensive Series 3 guide.

To summarize, the shaving head and battery capacity are the main differences between the standard and the ProSkin models.

The Series 3 and Series 3 ProSkin families include both wet/dry (cordless only) and dry-only models that will work while charging.

All of them are waterproof and can be rinsed with water.

Some Series 3 ProSkin models even come with an automatic cleaning and charging station as we’ll see next.

The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3050cc.
The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3050cc.

As expected, the actual shaving performance is identical within the basic Series 3 and the ProSkin lines.

A ProSkin shaver is however objectively better than a basic Series 3 because of the larger battery and the superior shaving head.

For example, the Series 3 Proskin 3000s is better than the Series 3 300s.

Also, some ProSkin variations include a slide-out hair trimmer, while the basic Series 3 shavers do not have them.

The Series 3 ProSkin 3040s with the hair trimmer extended.
The Series 3 ProSkin 3040s with the hair trimmer extended.

Finally, the Series 3 BT shaver is either a basic Series 3 or a Series 3 ProSkin that comes with a special bundle of accessories that allows the user to trim and maintain a beard.

These accessories are a click-on trimmer that fits in place of the regular foil head and 4 or 5 different-size combs.

The shavers themselves are the same.

For example, the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010BT is just a Series 3 ProSkin 3010s shaver bundled with the aforementioned trimming accessories.

The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010BT.
The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010BT.

The trimmer and combs are compatible with all Series 3 and Series 3 ProSkin models and also available as a separate purchase (part number is 32BT).

Model comparison

Because the basic Series 3 and the Proskin are two distinct sub-families, I will present them in two separate comparison tables.

The BT variations of the regular and of the ProSkin Series 3 will be included as well in the corresponding tables.

Here are the current basic Series 3 models available worldwide:

ModelUseReplacement headAccessories
Braun Series 3 300s

Dry-only, corded and cordless21b, 32b*Protective cap, charger
Braun Series 3 300BT
Dry-only, corded and cordless21b, 32b*Protective cap, charger, trimmer attachment, 4 combs
Braun Series 3 310s
Wet/dry, cordless only21b, 32b*Protective cap, charger, cleaning brush
Braun Series 3 310BT
Wet/dry, cordless only21b, 32b*Protective cap, charger, cleaning brush, trimmer attachment, 4 combs

*All Series 3 models come with the 21b shaving head (aka cassette) but are compatible with the 32b cassette of the superior ProSkin line.

And here are the Series 3 ProSkin shavers with their main differences:

ModelOperationClean & Charge SystemSlide-out TrimmerAccessories
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s
Wet/dry, cordless onlyNoYesTravel pouch, charging stand, charger, brush
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s
Wet/dry, cordless onlyNoYesProtective cap, charger, brush
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010s
Wet/dry, cordless onlyNoNoProtective cap, charger, brush
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010BT
Wet/dry, cordless onlyNoNoProtective cap, trimmer attachment, 5 combs, charger, brush
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3090cc
Dry only, corded & cordlessYesYesTravel pouch, charger, brush, cleaning cartridge
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3070cc
Dry only, corded & cordlessYesYesTravel pouch, charger, brush, cleaning cartridge
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3050cc
Dry only, corded & cordlessYesYesProtective cap, charger, brush, cleaning cartridge
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3030s
Dry only, corded & cordlessNoYesProtective cap, charger, brush
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3020s
Dry only, corded & cordlessNoYesProtective cap, charger, brush
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3000s
Dry only, corded & cordlessNoNoProtective cap, charger, brush
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3000BT
Dry only, corded & cordlessNoNoProtective cap, trimmer attachment, 5 combs, charger, brush

As you can see, there are a lot more models in the ProSkin line, but some of them are country-specific.

Also, unlike the basic Series 3, some ProSkin shavers have an integrated slide-out trimmer (like the 3040s) or come with a cleaning station (like the 3050cc that I reviewed a while back).

All Series 3 ProSkin shavers use the 32b (black) or 32s (silver) cassette. The 32b and 32s are identical apart from the color of the foil frame (-b black and -s silver).

Replacement parts

Braun 32b cassette.

As we already saw, the basic Series 3 uses the 21b cassette, while the Series 3 ProSkin comes with the 32b or 32s.

These cassettes are widely available, pretty reasonably priced and durable in time.

Moreover, they haven’t been plagued by any quality control issues like the cassettes of the first generation Series 9 for example.

Since the 32b and 32s will also work on the basic and cheaper Series 3 models like the 300s, that’s a quick and inexpensive upgrade.

The Braun Series 3 300s with the 32b head of the ProSkin models.
The Braun Series 3 300s with the 32b head of the ProSkin models.

A basic Series 3 with a 32b or 32s head will essentially shave like a ProSkin Series 3.

Braun recommends replacing the Series 3 shaving head every 18 months, but in real-world use that will highly depend on several factors.

For example, how often you shave, how coarse is your beard and how well you take care of the razor (cleaning, lubrication).

Cleaning station compatibility

Since some Series 3 ProSkin models include a cleaning station, you might want to know if a solo shaver will also work with a cleaning station purchased later on.

Or maybe you already own a cc Series 3 Proskin like the 3070cc or 3050cc and would like to know if you can still use your existing station with a solo Series 3 ProSkin like the 3040s.

The answer is, unfortunately, no. The station will NOT work with a solo Series 3 ProSkin model.

Only a cc Series 3 ProSkin shaver will be compatible with a cleaning station.

This is a bummer since a cc Series 3 ProSkin is usually a lot more expensive than a solo shaver.

As a personal side note, I recommend getting a solo Series 3 (basic or ProSkin) since you’ll be saving some money and the shavers are easy to clean manually.

Key takeaway

The Braun Series 3 and particularly the Series 3 ProSkin are excellent picks for the budget-conscious buyer.

The corded & cordless models are also appealing for long-term use since you can continue using them from the mains when the battery can’t hold a decent charge anymore.

While they’re not as capable as the more expensive and more advanced Braun shavers, they get the job done and are very easy to use.

The cost of ownership is also among the lowest with the cheap replacement heads that tend to last more compared to other entry-level foil razors from other brands.

Braun Series 5 (discontinued)

Braun Series 5 (discontinued).


The Series 5 represented a significant jump in quality and performance from the Series 3.

With a high-quality shaving head, strong motor and beefy battery, the Series 5 is a highly-capable foil shaver that’s effective even on longer stubble (3 to 4 days of growth) and also very comfortable and suitable for users with sensitive skin.

Unfortunately, the Series 5 family of shavers was completely discontinued by Braun and replaced with the new Series 5 50 that I will be presenting next.

But because there are still some old generation Series 5 shavers available (although extremely few), I still decided to include the old Series 5 in this buying guide.

A Series 5 cc shaver.

Also, since the Series 5 was quite popular thanks to its excellent performance and decent price, there are still many users that own one and will find the information useful.

However, I won’t be going into many details regarding the model comparison since there are only a handful available.

You can check out my Series 5 comparison guide to get all the details and differences between the various models.

Replacement parts

The discontinued Series 5 uses the 52s (silver) or 52b (black) shaving heads (cassettes).

Braun 52s replacement cassette for the Series 5.
Braun 52s replacement cassette for the Series 5.

These cassettes are still available in 2023 despite the fact that Braun pulled the plug on the Series 5 a few years ago.

The quality and performance of these are really good despite only having 3 individual shaving elements (two foils and one slit trimmer for longer and flat-lying hairs).

As with most Braun shaving heads, you should expect to replace them every 18 months but again that can vary a lot.

So you may need to do it sooner or later than that (when you’ll notice a performance drop).

For example, the closeness won’t be as good or you’ll need many passes in order to get a smooth shave.

Cleaning station compatibility

The old generation Series 5 included both cc and solo models.

The station would automatically clean, charge and lubricate the shaver.

The Braun S5 5090cc during the automatic cleaning cycle.

Some even came with a more advanced station that would check the hygiene status of the shaver and choose an appropriate cleaning program (like the 5090cc).

In reality, this was more of a gimmick though.

Just like the Series 3 ProSkin above, a Series 5 solo model (like the 5040s) would not work with a Series 5 station.

Even if the shaver looked exactly the same and even had the two contact pins on the back to communicate with the station, it would not pair with it.

The station would only charge the razor, but the cleaning functionality would not work.

So if you already have a cc Series 5 from the old generation, like the 5090cc or the 5190cc and wonder if a 5040s for example that you can get from eBay will work with it, the answer is no, unfortunately.

Key takeaway

The old Braun Series 5 was a great family of mid-range electric shavers that offered excellent performance at a good price.

It was particularly well suited for men with sensitive skin that shaved daily or up to every 4 days.

Unfortunately it was discontinued and replaced with a new generation of shavers called the Series 5 50 which we’ll check out next.

Braun Series 5 50

The new Braun Series 5 50 5018s.


Approximately three years ago Braun released the next Series 5 generation called the Series 5 50.

Side note: Braun now simply refers to this new generation as Series 5, but I’ll still use the Series 5 50 name so we don’t confuse it with the previous one.

And while initially these new models lived alongside the old ones, the latter are pretty much gone as of 2023.

The Series 5 50 is a completely new shaver that doesn’t have absolutely anything in common with the old Series 5 apart from the name.

The new Braun Series 5 (left) next to the old generation.
The new Braun Series 5 (left) next to the old generation.

And the name is in my opinion a bit misleading.

One would expect a new Series 5 to be at least as good as its predecessor.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the Series 5 50.

Having tested it extensively and having owned a couple of the old-generation shavers, I can say without a doubt that the new Series 5 is not in any way an upgrade.

However, we have to put the performance into context. And the context is the price range.

The new Series 5 50 is significantly cheaper than the old generation, so despite not matching its performance (more on that later), it’s still a compelling option in Braun’s affordable lineup.

In my review of the Braun Series 5 50 5018s I called that shaver a glorified Series 3.

And that’s pretty much what it is.

It costs about the same as a Series 3 ProSkin, it shaves similarly, has a fixed shaving head, the replacement cassette costs and lasts about the same and so on.

A Series 3 ProSkin next to the Series 5 50.
A Series 3 ProSkin next to the Series 5 50.

So I think it’s a worthy shaver provided our expectations are realistic.

It’s more of a Series 3 than a Series 5.

So let’s check out the available models and see what they have to offer.

Model comparison

Model nameAccesoriesReplacement cassette
Braun Series 5 5050cs (white)
Beard trimmer (no combs), body trimmer (2 combs), charging stand, charger, brush53b
Braun Series 5 5049cs (blue)
Beard trimmer (5 combs), charging stand, charger, brush53b
Braun Series 5 5035s (blue)
Beard trimmer (no combs), stubble trimmer (4 combs), charger, brush53b
Braun Series 5 5020s (blue)
Beard trimmer (5 combs), charger, brush53b
Braun Series 5 5018s (blue)
Beard trimmer (no combs), charger, brush53b

All new Series 5 variations are wet/dry and you can only shave cordlessly.

None will work with the cord plugged in, which is again a point in favor of the Series 3 ProSkin where you have that option.

As you can see from the table above, with the Series 5 50, Braun focused on providing several accessories that may or may not be of much use to you depending on what you prefer.

Precisely, all of them come with a click-on trimmer attachment (like the Series 3 BT) and almost all of them include a number of different-size guards.

The Braun S5 with the trimmer attachment in place.
The Braun S5 with the trimmer attachment in place.

The Series 5 50 5035s model even comes with a stubble trimmer attachment and some special stubble guards that fit over it.

So these accessories are geared more toward men that wear a beard/designer stubble or who alternate between a clean-shaven look and a beard.

The trimmers simply fit in place of the regular foil cassette and can be used to trim the beard to a specific length.

You should buy the model that better suits your needs and simply refer to the above table for the exact list of accessories.

And speaking of models, the Series 5 50 shavers sold in Europe use a completely different name scheme.

The table above depicts the USA and Canada Series 5 models.

For example, in Europe, you’ll find weird model names like the Series 5 50-B1200s, 50-M4500cs  and 5 51-W1600s.

They are however identical performance-wise to the USA models and use the same shaving heads.

Also, just like with other shavers in a Braun series, there are country-specific models you won’t find mentioned in this guide.

The important thing is that they shave the same and you’ll just have to check the specs to see if a certain model comes with the accessories you’re interested in.

Another interesting fact about the new Series 5 50 is that we only get s and cs models, so there are no cc variations that come with a cleaning station.

There isn’t officially a Series 5 50 cleaning station.

However, you will be able to use one as you’ll see next.

Cleaning station compatibility

Alongside the new Series 5 50, in 2020 Braun also launched two new series. Precisely, the Series 6 and a new Series 7 70.

We’ll get to them as well, but what interests us at this moment is the cleaning station included with the Series 6 and Series 7 70.

That station is actually compatible with the new Series 5 50, so you will be able to buy it separately and use it with a Series 5 50 regardless of the model.

Cleaning the Braun Series 5 50 5018s in a compatible Series 6 cleaning station.
Cleaning the Braun Series 5 5018s in a compatible Series 6 cleaning station.

This is in stark contrast with almost all Braun solo models manufactured prior to 2020 which didn’t allow pairing with a station.

The cleaning station compatible with the Series 5 50 has the part number Braun 81697132 (aka Type 5434) and it is pretty reasonably priced.

And it should be since it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the old Series 5 station or of any higher-end Braun stations (like 3 cleaning programs or a fan that dries the shaving head).

In fact, it is visually and functionally extremely similar to the Series 3 cleaning station, which further supports the claim of the new Series 5 50 being pretty much a glorified Series 3.

Inserting the cleaning cartridge in the station.
Inserting the cleaning cartridge in the station.

Also, you cannot just charge your shaver in the station without also cleaning it.

You must always lock the shaver via a switch at the top of the holder which automatically starts the cleaning cycle when you press it.

All Braun cleaning stations use the same Braun CCR cartridges.

However, there are quite a few third-party cleaning solutions that cost a lot less and work really well.

Replacement parts

The new 53b cassette used by the Series 5 5018s.

The Braun Series 5 50 uses a new shaving head called 53b.

It is of course a three-blade cassette with two foils and a slit trimmer for longer hairs.

It works reasonably well on longer stubble, I’d say it does a decent job on a three-day beard at most.

It is similar to the Series 3 ProSkin 32b shaving head, and I actually prefer the Series 3 head since it’s the slimmest 3-blade head I’ve ever used and a lot nimbler and easier to use.

The 53b has a much wider plastic frame that gets a bit in the way.

It’s also one of the main reasons why I tend to recommend the Series 3 ProSkin over the Series 5 50 as the better budget-friendly Braun shaver for most users.

Fun fact: the 73b and 73s shaving heads of the new Series 7 70 seem to fit the Series 5 50 perfectly.

You won’t however benefit much from the upgrade since the Series 7 70 shaver is also significantly more powerful, so just swapping the head of a Series 5 50 won’t turn it into a Series 7.

Key takeaway

Considering its price and performance, the Series 5 50 is a decent foil shaver.

However, unless you need the beard-trimming attachments, I would rather get the Series 3 ProSkin instead.

It’s usually a bit cheaper, it’s easier to use and the replacement head is also slightly cheaper.

I do however have to say again that the Series 5 50 is no Series 5 in the sense the old generation (with models like the 5090cc or 5040s) was.

It is not as powerful, effective or capable when shaving longer hairs, but it does have a fair price for what it is.

Braun Series 6

Braun Series 6.


The Series 6 family of electric razors debuted alongside the Series 5 50 above and as we’ll see, it is extremely similar in many regards.

In fact, I’d say the only major difference is the flexing head of the Series 6 called SensoFlex.

As we saw, the Series 5 50 comes with a fixed head, just like the Series 3.

The Series 6 on the other hand features a basic flexing head that can swivel back to front.

The flexible shaving head on the new Series 6 6075cc.

And in all honesty, that’s really all the flexing you need from a foil electric shaver.

This type of head movement will actually be useful in practice and require less wrist work on your part for a clean and effective shave.

Other embellishments like a highly complex flexing mechanism only look good on the specs sheet and don’t really improve the experience to a significant degree.

So the Series 6 is basically a Series 5 50 with a flexing shaving head.

The visual similarities are obvious, the shavers look and feel the same and the shaving performance is really close.

Braun Series 5 50 and Series 6.
Braun Series 5 50 and Series 6.

Shaving with the Series 6 is however more enjoyable thanks to the back-to-forth flexing of the head, but that’s about it.

It’s still a 3-blade shaver that uses the exact same cassette and depending on the model, the S6 comes bundled with various trimming accessories.

Let’s check out the different models and the differences between them.

Model comparison

Model nameAccesoriesReplacement cassette
Braun Series 6 6090cc (blue)
Cleaning station, beard trimmer (5 combs),
stubble trimmer (4 combs), charger, brush
Braun Series 6 6075cc (grey)
Cleaning station, beard trimmer (5 combs), charger, brush53b
Braun Series 6 6072cc (blue)
Cleaning station, Beard trimmer (no combs), charger, brush53b
Braun Series 6 6040cs (blue)
Beard trimmer (no combs), charging stand, charger, brush53b
Braun Series 6 6020s (blue)
Beard trimmer (no combs), charger, brush53b

Just like the Series 5 above, we only get wet/dry Series 6 shavers that can only be operated cordlessly.

A full battery will provide around 50 minutes of use.

As usual, the performance will be identical throughout the entire Series 6 range, including the European/Australian models.

Again we have a vastly different naming scheme in the case of those (like 60-B7500cc, 60-B7200cc, 60-B1200s 60-B1000s).

These are identical to the American Series 6 in the table above and the differences come down to color and accessories.

The Series 6 6075cc with the trimmer and 5 combs.
The Series 6 6075cc with the trimmer and 5 combs.

As expected, we have -s (solo), -cs (solo with charging stand) and -cc (cleaning station) models.

Interestingly, the Series 6 station is the same one shipped with the Series 7 70 and as we saw above, it will even work with the Series 5 50 regardless of the shaver model.

Braun Series 6 6075cc.

As mentioned before, it’s a rather basic station with a single cleaning program, no active drying system and that protruding arm that’s reminiscent of the Series 3 cleaning station.

Cleaning station compatibility

The cleaning station situation in the case of the Braun Series 6 is exactly the same as we saw above with the Series 5 50.

Precisely, any Series 6 model, be it an s, cs, or cc, will work with a compatible cleaning station.

The Series 6 6075cc during the automatic cleaning process.
The Series 6 6075cc during the automatic cleaning process.

So you can for example buy one later for your solo or cs Series 6. Again the part number for the station is Braun 81697132 (aka Type 5434).

You can also buy a solo Series 6 and you can use it with an existing Series 6 station from an older cc model.

Replacement parts

The Braun Series 6 shavers require the 53b replacement cassette.

That’s the same part used by the new Series 5 and as we saw, it should last around 18 months before needing to be replaced.

The price is usually reasonable and should be easy to source in most countries.

Key takeaway

The Series 6, while in theory should be a middle to high-end shaver in Braun’s lineup, it’s really not.

It’s a Series 5 50 with a flexing head which as we saw, is really similar performance-wise to a Series 3 ProSkin.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin, Series 5 50 and Series 6, respectively.
Braun Series 3 ProSkin, Series 5 50 and Series 6, respectively.

It’s a very decent shaver, but again, for the price and for the Series 6 moniker, you may expect more.

Picking a specific Series 6 model should come down to price, availability in your area and the inclusion of the accessories you’ll be needing.

For example, not all users will have any use for the stubble trimmer and its guards.

The same goes for the cleaning station, you can save some money and get a solo or cs Series 6.

However, considering its price and performance — extremely similar to a much cheaper Series 3 ProSkin) — I recommend getting a Series 6 only if you will be using the trimming accessories.

Otherwise, I think the Series 3 ProSkin will be a better choice for most users.

It’s easier to use thanks to the slimmer head and even though it’s fixed, the range of motion of the individual cutters is greater compared to the cutters on the Series 6 and this somewhat compensates for the lack of any flexing capabilities.

The Series 3 32b replacement head is also slightly cheaper than the 53b required for the Series 6.

The integrated S3 ProSkin slide-out trimmer is better for quick touch-ups and I don’t particularly like the EasyClick trimmers of the Series 5 50, Series 6 and Series 7 70.

Those are better for trimming an entire beard, but I do not use them in that manner as I prefer a clean shave.

But again, some will need a trimmer precisely for that, in which case a Series 5 50 or Series 6 would make more sense.

I also think the Series 6 would be a better pick over the Series 5 50 if you can get a good deal on one.

Otherwise, the price difference for getting only a flexing head is probably not worth it.

Braun Series 7 (discontinued)

The Braun Series 7 (discontinued).


Before getting to the current Series 7 70, I think it’s worth having a quick look at the old and discontinued Braun Series 7.

This was Braun’s most successful and acclaimed family of electric shavers (introduced in 2007) and it was discontinued somewhere between 2020 and 2021.

The old Series 7 was in my opinion one of Braun’s best ever shavers and my personal favorite.

Because it’s not available anymore, I won’t be going into all the details regarding the model names, accessories and so on.

I have written a very comprehensive guide on the old Series 7 if you want to check it out.

Also, you can read my extensive comparison to the new Series 7 70 and see all the different ways in which the old generation was better.

But in short, it was more powerful, more comfortable, better with shaving difficult hairs and had a vastly superior shaving head and cleaning station.

You can tell the old Series 7 apart from the new ones by its looks or by the model names.

The old ones always had 3 digits (like 790cc, 740s) or 4 and always starting with 78 (like 7865cc).

Replacement parts


If you still own an old Braun Series 7, you will be needing the 70s (silver) or 70b (black) replacement shaving head.

It’s getting more difficult to find, but there are still some available on Amazon or eBay.

Like most Braun shaving heads, you would expect around 18 months of use before needing to replace it.

Cleaning station compatibility

Braun old Series 7 station.

The old Series 7 solo models will work with a compatible cleaning station purchased separately.

Even though officially they won’t work, they actually do.

As for the part numbers of the compatible stations, things are a bit more complicated, so make sure to check out this post in order to find the one that will work with your Series 7.

Just like with all Braun cc stations, you would need the Braun CCR cartridges but you can buy and use a third-party cleaning solution as well.

Key takeaway

The Braun Series 7 held in hand.

The original Braun Series 7 was a fantastic electric shaver.

It was a safe choice for most men, particularly when dealing with irritation-prone skin.

Despite having only 3 shaving elements, it was really good at shaving longer stubble and dealt with flat-lying hairs extremely well.

Shaving with it is a real treat and despite being an old model, it still outperforms most of today’s shavers in Braun’s portfolio.

If you can somehow find a new one or even a pre-owned S7 in mint condition, go for it.

Let’s now check out its successor, the new Braun Series 7 70 (360 Flex).

Braun Series 7 70 (360 Flex)

The new Braun S7 70 (360 Flex).

The new Series 7 70 had some big shoes to fill.

As we saw above, the outgoing generation was arguably Braun’s most successful line of shavers and one that propelled Braun for many years to the very top.

Braun kept the Series 7 name as it had a lot of equity and it was highly popular among electric shaving enthusiasts.

In order to differentiate it from the old generation, we will refer to the new one as the Series 7 70 (all model names start with 70).

Sometimes you will find the shavers listed as Series 7 360 Flex. The latter part refers to the defining characteristic of the new Series 7, a highly flexible shaving head.

Precisely, the head sits on these struts that allow it to move from left to right in addition to the standard front-to-back flexing.

Braun S7 flexing head (360 Flex).

Personally, I don’t think the added functionality is genuinely useful.

In fact, Braun’s range-topping models, the much more expensive Series 9 and Series 9 Pro, only have that front-to-back flexing and it works perfectly.

In addition to the new flexing system and a new cassette, the Series 7 70 comes with a new design.

New S7 360 Flex next to the old S7.
New S7 360 Flex next to the old S7.

You will however notice that the new S7 looks instead pretty much identical to the Series 6 and the Series 5 50 we saw earlier.

In fact, all these 3 feel like part of the same series and the superior line only has a few incremental upgrades compared to the one below it.

The new Braun S7 360 Flex, S6 and S5 50 look very similar.
The new Braun S7 360 Flex, S6 and S5 50 look very similar.

For example, the Series 6 only has a flexible front-to-back head compared to the Series 5 50. Everything else, including the cassette, is the same.

The Series 7 70 adds the left to right flexing compared to the Series 6 and a new cassette that actually looks exactly the same and will even fit the Series 6.

But the biggest upgrade of the Series 7 70 over the 6 and the 5 is a more powerful motor.

That’s immediately obvious when shaving with it. It has a lot more power and torque and it even sounds faster.

The Series 7 70 also comes with the so-called Autosense technology, a sensor that supposedly reads the beard density and adjusts the power output accordingly.

Historically, this technology always seemed more of a gimmick and it’s the same here.

The old Series 7 allowed the user to manually select a power setting, which was in my opinion more useful, albeit not entirely necessary.

Just like its less powerful siblings, the Series 6 and Series 5 50, there are a lot of Series 7 70 variations that come with different accessories for trimming, but also charging stands or automatic cleaning stations.

Braun Series 7 7071cc

Let’s check them out.

Model comparison

Model nameAccessoriesReplacement head
Braun Series 7 7085cc (black)
Cleaning station, beard trimmer (5 combs), stubble trimmer (4 combs), travel case, charger, brush73b, 73s
Braun Series 7 7075cc (black)
Braun Series 7 7075cc
Cleaning station, beard trimmer (5 combs), travel case, charger, brush73b, 73s
Braun Series 7 7071cc (silver)
Braun Series 7 7071cc
Cleaning station, beard trimmer (no combs), travel case, charger, brush73b, 73s
Braun Series 7 7020s (silver)
Braun Series 7 7020s
Beard trimmer (no combs), travel case, charger, brush73b, 73s
Braun Series 7 7027cs (silver)
Braun Series 7 7027cs
Charge stand, beard trimmer (5 combs), travel case, charger, brush73b, 73s

These are most of the Series 7 models available in the USA and Canada.

There are even more European/global models with different names starting with 70, like the 70-N1200s, 70-N7200cc or 70-B7850cc.

Just as before with the S5 and S6, the performance will be exactly the same as in the case of the North American models.

You should simply get the S7 that meets your requirements (for example, if you want a cleaning station, you would get one of the cc models).

The cleaning station, the various trimming accessories and the price should be the only criteria for selecting a Braun Series 7 360 Flex.

The EasyClick trimmer and combs are the same as we saw earlier with the S6 and S5 50.

Series 7 7071cc trimmer attachment.
The Braun Series 7 70 with the trimmer in place.

The cleaning station is also the same one included with the Series 6, so you’re not getting any extra features (like active drying or 3 cleaning modes) with the Series 7 70.

That’s a bit disappointing but not entirely surprising if we take into account the price of the Series 7 70, especially if you can get a good discount.

It is generally cheaper than the older Series 7, but as we know, that one was also a superior shaver.

Cleaning station compatibility

Just like the S6 and S5 50, all Braun Series 7 70 models will work with a compatible cleaning station (Braun 81697132/Type 5434).

So even if you get a solo (s or cs) S7 shaver, you will be able to use a cleaning station.

The new station is not compatible with the old Series 7 which requires a completely different station that connects to the shaver in a different manner.

The new and old Series 7 station.
The new and old Series 7 station.

As mentioned earlier, I think the new Series 7 70 station is a downgrade compared to the old one.

It’s less practical with that protruding holder, you cannot just charge the shaver without cleaning it, there’s a single cleaning mode, and there’s no active drying system (inductive heating).

But it still does the job and if you can grab a cc model at a good price, I think it’s still worth having the station.

Replacement parts

Series 7 73s cassette.

The Braun Series 7 70 (360 Flex) comes with a new shaving head/cassette called 73b (black) and 73s (silver).

It’s in my opinion an inferior head compared to the old 70s cassette of the discontinued Series 7.

That conclusion is obvious just by looking at them side by side and confirmed when shaving with them.

The new 73s (left) next to the old 70s (right).

The old cassette had a much greater range of motion for the three cutting elements and it glided easier on the skin since it used metal instead of all that plastic surrounding them.

It was also slimmer, nimbler and noticeably smoother. The middle trimmer was better at catching flat-lying hairs as well.

Key takeaway

I’ll get straight to the point and say that at least for me, the new Series 7 70 was a disappointment.

I would have been perfectly happy with a new Series 7 that shaved exactly the same as the old one.

It really didn’t have to be better, even though there were some things that needed improvement.

But after using the new S7 extensively, I found the performance to be a clear step backward.

It feels surprisingly harsh for a Braun electric razor which are usually the most comfortable and forgiving shavers compared to other brands.

The cassette is also wider and bulkier, it doesn’t glide as easily on the skin and struggles when shaving a longer beard (3 days or more).

It’s a decent shaver for the money, but doesn’t live up to the legendary Series 7.

I find it difficult to recommend unless it’s on sale and of course it fits the needs of the user.

For example, it will work fine for someone shaving every two days and who doesn’t have particularly sensitive skin.

The beard trimming attachments are also a plus if you sometimes rock a beard.

But otherwise, the Series 7 70 wouldn’t be my pick for a mid-range Braun electric shaver.

The next one however is.

Braun Series 8

Braun S8.


The Series 8, introduced back in 2019, is in my opinion the most interesting and intriguing family in Braun’s current lineup.

If you were disappointed that you couldn’t get the old Series 7 anymore, the Braun Series 8 is the next best thing.

Let’s first address the name.

In theory, since 8 is larger than 7, the Series 8 should be the superior shaver.

Well, it is definitely better than the new Series 7 70, but not quite as good as the old Series 7.

The trademark 3-blade shaving head of the Braun S8.
The trademark 3-blade shaving head of the Braun S8.

When the Series 8 was released, the old Series 7 was still in production and the sales were strong.

So lots of potential buyers were confused and had the reasonable expectation of the S8 being the superior shaver.

Again, this was in relation to the old and excellent Series 7.

But that wasn’t the case as the old Series 7 was actually a bit better. And there’s a simple and logical explanation for that.

If you take a look at a Series 8 shaver, you’ll notice that it looks exactly the same as the old and discontinued Series 5.

The Braun Series 8 next to the old generation Series 5.
The Braun Series 8 next to the old generation Series 5.

And as we saw, that one was an excellent shaver.

Well, the Series 8 is essentially an old Series 5 with a larger battery (60 minutes vs 45) and a different name.

The cassette is almost identical as well and only the foil frame shape is slightly different.

As a result, the Series 8 will shave exactly the same as the old Series 5 and almost as good as the old Series 7.

And by that I mean the Series 8 is less refined (louder and vibrates more), it needs a bit more effort with flat-lying hairs and it’s not quite as smooth on the skin as the old S7.

But other than that, I think it’s an excellent performer, second only to the Series 9 in Braun’s current lineup.

Let’s check out the different models.

Model comparison

ModelCleaning stationReplacement head
Braun Series 8 8467cc, Galvano Silver
Yes, 3 programs, active drying83M
Braun Series 8 8457cc, Galvano Silver
Yes, 1 program, active drying83M
Braun Series 8 8453cc, Fjord grey
Yes, 1 program, active drying83M
Braun Series 8 8417s, Galvano Silver
No (includes a charging stand)83M
Braun Series 8 8413s, Fjord grey
No (includes a charging stand)83M
Braun Series 8 8410s, Black
No (includes a charging stand)83M
Braun Series 8 8390cc, Silver
Yes, 3 programs, no active drying83M
Braun Series 8 8370cc, Silver
Yes, 1 program, no active drying83M
Braun Series 8 8330s, Silver

There’s a lot to talk about the different model names and accessories and I wrote a comprehensive Series 8 guide if you want all the details.

But to summarise, all Series 8 models shave the same and use the same shaving head.

There’s a slide-out hair trimmer on the back of the S8, identical to the one on the old Series 5 and on the Series 9 and 9 Pro.

Braun S8 trimmer.

There are two S8 generations available, the original one with models starting with 83 (like 8370cc) and the new one with 84 model names (like 8457cc).

The latter is sometimes referred to as the Series 8 Pro.

However, the differences only come down to a few design refinements and a new more capable cleaning station shipped with the 84 cc models.

Precisely, that station is fitted with a fan that blow dries the shaving head. In fact, it’s the same station shipped with the latest Series 9 and Series 9 Pro families.

The original 83 cc models come with a cleaning station that doesn’t have any active drying system.

The Braun Series 8 8370cc during the automatic cleaning process.
The Braun Series 8 8370cc during the automatic cleaning process. It comes with the basic cleaning station.

For that reason and if the price is similar, I recommend getting an 84 Series 8 model if you can.

But again, the actual shaving performance will be the same.

Cleaning station compatibility

Old vs new S8 cleaning stations.

The cleaning station situation is just slightly more complicated in the case of the Series 8 since we have two generations of shavers.

We have a basic station shipped with the 83 Series 8 models and a more advanced one that comes with the 84 models.

So let’s address each separately.

The original 83 Series 8 solo (and cc) shavers will work with the basic station (no active drying), but also with the more advanced one shipped with the 84 Series 8.

The part number of the basic station is 81687143 (aka Braun 5430CS S-8).

The other more capable station is of Type 5430CS S-9 (aka 81687142 and 81759573).

As for the newer 84 Series 8 (aka Series 8 Pro), those will only work with the second, more advanced station (Type 5430CS S-9).

So regardless if you have a solo or cc Series 8, original or updated/Pro, it will work with the compatible station. Just makes sure to get the right one.

Replacement parts

83m cassette.

All Braun Series 8 models use the same 83M cassette.

It’s a high-quality shaving head that resembles the ones of the old Series 5 and 7.

It only comes in matte silver and for some reason, Braun uses the letter M for that color.

The changing interval is Braun’s standard 18 months, but you can expect that to vary based on how you use the shaver.

Key takeaway

The Series 8 is in my opinion one of Braun’s more compelling offerings and it has a relatively affordable price.

It’s a gentle and highly capable electric razor that handles longer stubble well (up to 4 days, maybe even more if your beard grows slowly).

The S8 is very easy to use thanks to the slim 3-blade shaving head and represents a safe choice for most users.

Braun Series 9 and Series 9 Pro

Braun Series 9 and Series 9 Pro.


Finally, we have what’s currently the flagship line of Braun electric shavers, namely the Series 9 and Series 9 PRO.

I decided to tackle both sub-series at once because as you’re about to see, there are a whole lot more similarities than differences between the two.

Further reading: for a very detailed and comprehensive comparison, you can check out my Series 9 guide.

The Series 9 was launched 8 years ago as the new high-end Braun shaver. Until that point, the old Series 7 was Braun’s most advanced and most expensive shaver.

Since the original Series 9, Braun released 3 subsequent updates, so we have a total of 4 different Series 9 generations (including the latest Pro family).

Here’s a quick summary:

  1. The original Series 9 (90xx), 2015. Currently discontinued
  2. The updated Series 9 (92xx), 2016. Currently discontinued
  3. The current Series 9 (93xx), 2019.
  4. The Pro Series 9 (94xx), 2021.

Since the first two are not available anymore, I’m mainly going to focus on the current Series 9 93xx (these are the standard, non-Pro models) and of course on the latest Series 9 Pro (94xx).

But if you happen to own an older Series 9 model, like the original 90xx or the 92xx, pretty much everything mentioned here will still be relevant.

For example, all the newer shaving heads are backward compatible with the older Series 9 as well, so you can safely buy one and use it with your shaver.

That’s a quick and relatively cheap upgrade if your shaver is still in good working condition (the battery holds a decent charge and there’s no serious physical wear).

But getting back to the currently available Series 9, you basically have two options:

  • the standard 93xx Series 9
  • the newer and slightly better 94xx Series 9 Pro

All these shavers come in a variety of colors with different accessories, some of which are really interesting like the charging case available with several Series 9 Pro models.

Fun fact: the charging case (called Braun PowerCase) is compatible with the all the standard Series 9 models and even with the Series 8.

Braun S9 Pro 9477cc.
Braun S9 PRO 9477cc.

But the most important aspect to consider is however the inclusion of a cleaning station.

As for the performance, all Series 9 93xx shavers will shave exactly the same.

That also includes the so-called Sport models like the 9310cc which often caused some confusion.

Likewise, all Series 9 94xx Pro will shave exactly the same.

However, there are some differences between a standard S9 model like the 9390cc and a Pro S9 like the 9465cc when it comes to shaving performance.

You can check out my Series 9 Pro review where I address these differences in great detail, but here’s a quick summary that should help you choose between them if you’re on the fence.

The Series 9 Pro is slightly more powerful (it even sounds a bit louder), it’s grabbier and slightly more aggressive.

The Braun Series 9 Pro.

This can result in a marginally faster and closer shave compared to the standard Series 9 which is on the other hand gentler and a bit more forgiving.

But both are highly capable, comfortable and versatile electric shavers.

The old Series 7 was really close to them performance-wise despite only having 3 cutting elements.

So we can consider the Series 9 as a beefed-up Series 7 — again, I am referring to the old and discontinued S7, not the new Series 7 360 Flex which is, as we saw, a bit underwhelming performance-wise.

Let’s check out the different S9/S9 Pro models you can get in 2023.

Model comparison

ModelTravel caseCleaning station
Braun Series 9 9385cc, Graphite (Matte)LeatherYes
Braun Series 9 9380cc, Black (Matte)LeatherYes
Braun Series 9 9390cc, Silver (Matte)LeatherYes
Braun Series 9
, Chrome (Glossy)
Braun Series 9
, Graphite (Matte)
Braun Series 9
, Silver (Matte)
Braun Series 9
9310cc Sport
, Black (Matte)
Braun Series 9
, Chrome (Glossy)
Braun Series 9
, Chrome (Glossy)
Braun Series 9
, Silver (Matte)
TextileNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9
, Black (Matte)
TextileNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9
Pro 9477cc Pro
, Silver (Matte)
Charging caseYes
Braun Series 9
Pro 9476cc Pro
, Chrome (Glossy)
Charging caseYes
Braun Series 9
Pro 9475cc Pro
, Grey (Matte)
Charging caseYes
Braun Series 9
Pro 9470cc Pro
, Black (Matte)
Charging caseYes
Braun Series 9
Pro 9466cc Pro
, Chrome (Glossy)
Braun Series 9
Pro 9465cc Pro
, Grey (Matte)
Braun Series 9
Pro 9460cc Pro
, Black (Matte)
Braun Series 9
Pro 9427s Pro
, Silver (Matte)
Charging caseNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9
Pro 9425s Pro
, Grey (Matte)
Charging caseNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9
Pro 9420s Pro
, Black (Matte)
Charging caseNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9
Pro 9419s Pro
, Gold (Matte)
LeatherNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9
Pro 9417s Pro
, Silver (Matte)
TextileNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9
Pro 9415s Pro
, Grey (Matte)
TextileNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9
Pro 9410s Pro
, Black (Matte)
TextileNo (includes a charging stand)

As we now know, only the 93xx and 94xx Series 9 are currently widely available.

You may still stumble upon a 92xx or 90xx model, but those are becoming a rare sight or sometimes even cost more than the newer generation.

In the table above you’ll find most of the S9/S9 Pro models sold worldwide.

And just as before, you should choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

For example, you may or may not need a cleaning station or a charging stand.

Or maybe you want a particular color. For example, some of them are really nice like the Noble metal of the 9465cc.

Again, the performance throughout a series will be the same.

I’m usually in favor of buying a cc Series 9 or 9 Pro as the models that come with the station don’t cost a whole lot more than the solo variations.

The S9 station is very practical and effective and I personally use it regularly.

I don’t clean my Series 9 after every shave with it, but more like once or twice a week.

This way a cleaning cartridge lasts a lot more and I just rinse the shaver with tap water in the meantime.

And speaking of the cleaning station, let’s check it out in more detail.

Cleaning station compatibility

Braun Series 9 92xx and 93xx stations, respectively.

As we saw previously, when it comes to the compatibility of the Braun solo models with a cleaning station, things vary a lot from one series to the other or even within the same series (like in the case of the Series 8).

It’s the same in the case of the Series 9.

The original 90xx and the 92xx Series 9 solo shavers will not work with a cleaning station. The station will charge the shavers, but the cleaning part will never work.

Fortunately, things are better with the 93xx and 94xx solo models.

Precisely, those will work with a compatible S9 cleaning station.

The part numbers for that station are S9-3 type 5430 or S9-4 type 5430, sometimes listed as 81687142 and 81759573, respectively.

The 93xx and 94xx use the same cleaning station with 3 cleaning modes and a fan that dries the shaving head.

The 9477cc during the automatic cleaning process.

Only a handful of 93xx models come with a less advanced station that only has one standard cleaning mode (for example the 9310cc or 9370cc). You will find those models in the table above with an asterisk.

The one with the 3 modes automatically selects a setting (short, normal, intensive), but in practice, it doesn’t make much of a difference, so don’t let that prevent you from buying one of the asterisk models if the price is right.

So it’s good news for Series 9 and 9 Pro owners that have a solo model and decide to get a cleaning station. But again, this is only for the 93xx and 94xx solo shavers.

Also, if you already have a 93xx cc model, you can get a solo 93xx or 94xx Pro shaver and it will work with your station.

It will not however work with a 92xx or 90xx station, unfortunately.

Replacement head

Series 9 cassettes.

The regular Series 9 uses the 92s (silver), 92b (black) or 92M (matte silver) cassette, while the Series 9 Pro comes with a new cassette called 94M (matte silver) or 94s (silver).

Side note: the original S9 came with the 90s and 90b cassettes that had some reliability issues as per many user reviews. Those cassettes are discontinued.

The new 94 cassette only has a slightly tweaked cutter (the gold one, called a ProLift trimmer) which is now even more capable at catching longer, flat-lying hairs.

However, in practice, both the 92 and 94 heads seem just as good at that.

But the 94M, together with the more powerful S9 Pro shaver, gives it that slightly more aggressive profile.

All S9 cassettes however are compatible with all Series 9 generations, including the original ones.

So you can use the 94M cassette on your standard non-Pro shaver, regardless of the generation.

Likewise, you can use a 92 cassette on the Series 9 Pro if you can’t find a 94M or it is too expensive (it sometimes is).

The differences between them will be negligible.

The standard cassette lifespan of 18 months applies here as well.

Key takeaway

The Series 9 and Series 9 Pro are currently the most advanced shavers in Braun’s lineup.

They are particularly impressive at cutting longer stubble (up to 5 days of growth) and are remarkably gentle to the skin, particularly the non-Pro models.

The S9 and S9 Pro are objectively Braun’s best current razors, although the differences from an old Serries 7 for example aren’t huge.

They are very effective and catching and cutting hairs in fewer strokes and work particularly well when shaving dry + a pre-shave lotion like the one from Speick.

For most users, these will shave faster and with less effort compared to other less capable Braun models like the Series 7 360 Flex and the ones below.

The closeness is again the best in Braun’s lineup, although not industry-leading. Panasonic is in my opinion the best in that regard.

All these don’t come cheap though, end especially the Pro models have a hefty price tag.

The cassettes are pricey as well, costing more than the ones needed for other Braun families of shavers.

Which Braun shaver should you buy?

The best Braun shavers to buy.

Now that we got to know every Braun series of razors, it’s time to pick the one that would best fit your needs.

Obviously, your choice will be different from someone else’s.

My goal here is to make it easier for anyone to narrow down the choices to a single option.

I will be presenting what I consider to be the 3 best Braun shavers for certain budgets and requirements (like the frequency of shaving, the coarseness of the hair and so on).

In my opinion, unless you have a very specific need for other models or series, I think these are the ones you should be focusing on.

They offer the best performance for the money, the cost of ownership is usually lower and you’ll have the best chance of buying a Braun shaver that will give you a comfortable, close and enjoyable shave.

So without further ado, here they are.

1. The budget-friendly pick: Braun Series 3 ProSkin

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Check Latest Price

I think it’s no surprise that the best entry-level, reasonably priced Braun shaver is the highly popular Braun Series 3 ProSkin.

In my experience, this is by far the best option for someone who wants a decent, reliable, and still capable Braun electric razor but doesn’t want to shell out.

As I mentioned a couple of times before, I would choose the Series 3 ProSkin over several other more expensive or theoretically better models like the Series 5 50, Series 6 or even the new Series 7 70 (360 Flex).

The last one is a bit of a stretch, but the Series 3 ProSkin is in my experience more comfortable than the S7 70, and as someone with very sensitive skin, I would actually prefer shaving with a Series 3 ProSkin instead the new S7.

Apart from the reasonable price of the shaver and of the replacement heads, I think the main advantage of the Series 3 ProSkin over other Braun models is the ease of use.

The Series 3 has a rather unique implementation of the shaving head with the three cutting elements without the standard foil frame, resulting in a very slim and nimble shaver.

The new Braun Series 3 ProSkin.

And even though the shaving head is fixed, the three cutters move independently very smoothly and have a great range of motion, which more than makes up for the lack of any flexing system.

The Series 3 ProSkin is very comfortable, adequately powerful for someone with medium to slightly coarser facial hair and works decently even on longer, flat-lying hairs.

I would however suggest shaving daily and up to every three days in order to get the best results — that would be my recommendation for most users that shave with a Series 3 ProSkin.

I chose the ProSkin models over the regular Series 3 for the reasons I also outlined above.

Precisely, they come with a better shaving head (gentler and better with flat hairs), a larger battery and include a hair trimmer.

Granted, not all Series 3 ProSkin have a hair trimmer, but the 3040s which is also the most popular and widely available model has one.

Braun Series 3 3040s trimmer.

And the Series 3 ProSkin 3040s would be my recommendation for most users.

It’s a wet/dry model that will only work as a cordless shaver. If you want cordless & corded operation, you will need to get one of the dry-only models like the 3000s or 3020s.

The 3000s doesn’t have a hair trimmer, but that may be a smaller drawback compared to not being able to use it with the cord plugged in.

The 3020s on the other hand works with the cord plugged in and has a trimmer. It’s just not as easy to get as the 3040s in most countries.

Choosing between them is totally up to you and what makes more sense for you.

Personally, I never cared for corded use and Braun shavers usually have excellent batteries that are very reliable in time.

I would very much rather have the slide-out trimmer as I find it very useful for trimming and shaping my sideburns.

And even though Braun integrated trimmers are not as effective as the ones on Panasonic shavers, they’re still better than not having one at all.

I wouldn’t really consider a cc Series 3 ProSkin with a cleaning station because those are a lot more expensive than the solo shavers like the 3040s.

All Series 3 ProSkin models are waterproof and very easy to clean manually with warm tap water and (optionally) some liquid hand soap.

Cleaning the Series 3.

The S3 ProSkin would be a fantastic option for a beginner or a teenage boy as well, mainly thanks to its great ergonomics and slim head.

It’s easy to use, clean and it’s a relatively small investment.

I will mention the Series 5 50 as an honorable mention in this budget-friendly category.

Some models like the Series 5 50 5018 cost roughly the same as the S3 ProSkin and as I said, they shave pretty much the same.

Braun Series 5 5018s.
Braun Series 5 5018s.

I still picked the Series 3 ProSkin as the better option since it’s easier to use thanks to the better designed shaving head.

Also, the Series 3 ProSkin BT models like the 3010BT come with a trimmer attachment and 5 combs if you need to trim and maintain a beard.

As such, you don’t really need to get a Series 5 50 or a Series 6 to benefit from the trimming accessories.

So who shouldn’t buy the Braun Series 3 ProSkin?

In my opinion there are two main situations when you’d be better off with a more advanced Braun model.

First, if you have very coarse, dense and wiry facial hair, it will take a long time to get a clean and smooth shave with the Series 3 ProSkin.

Things will be even more difficult if you shave less often and your beard is longer.

I think 3 days between shaves is the maximum this shaver can handle and still provide an effective and enjoyable shave.

Second, and it’s somewhat already implied, if you shave once or twice a week, unless you have light facial hair or it grows back very slowly, the Series 3 will not be ideal.

While it does a better job than most cheap 3-blade foil shavers, it will struggle to catch longer, flat-lying hairs that grow in multiple directions.

And so will the Series 5 50, the Series 6 and even the Series 7 70.

The latter is slightly better, but definitely not miles better.

For those situations, and also if you just want a more powerful shaver that’s more effective, especially with difficult hair and you have the budget for it, check out the next option.

2. The middle ground pick: Braun Series 8


Check Latest Price

In the past, the winner of this category would have been the legendary Series 7, no contest.

Sadly, since we can’t get it anymore, I had to go with the next best option — the Braun Series 8.

As we now know, a higher series number doesn’t always imply better performance.

We chose the Series 3 ProSkin over the Series 5 50 for example.

It’s the case here as well with the discontinued Series 7 being slightly better than the S8.

However, the differences are rather subtle and the quality of the shave and the end result are extremely similar.

The Series 8, with an almost identical shaving head as the old S7, is a highly capable, comfortable and easy-to-use 3-blade foil shaver that will be a safe choice for most users, provided you have the budget for it.

Braun Series 8 shaving head.

It’s not exactly a cheap shaver, costing significantly more than a Series 3 ProSkin, but it still undercuts a Series 9 or Series 9 Pro by a lot.

And in many cases, you will be getting diminishing returns with those, so if you want the better performance for the money, I think the Series 8 is the one to get.

There are a lot of currently available versions, but what you need to know is that they all shave the same.

You should get the cheapest one you can find as long as it comes with the options you want.

For example, you may want the cleaning station or maybe a certain color.

Speaking of the station, the 84 Series 8 models (like the 8457cc) come with a better station, with 3 cleaning modes and an active drying system, so those are the ones I would actually recommend.

The original 83 models have a basic station and are also getting difficult to find nowadays and will probably be phased out.

All of them however use the same shaving head, so you won’t have any issues in the future even if you buy the 83 Series 8 (like the 8330s for example).

The Series 8 can handle longer facial hair remarkably for a 3-blade foil shaver.

It even manages to capture flat hairs that go in different directions quite well, although is not as good as the Series 9 in that regard.

You will need more strokes and changes of direction for a perfectly smooth finish.

I think it can be used successfully on a 4-day beard. Shaving more often will of course be a non-issue with the Series 8.

Because the shaving head is as slim as the one on the Series 3, but also has a simple and effective back-to-front flexing, the S8 is effortless to use and even beginners will have no problems shaving with it.

Series 8 flexing head.
The flexing head of the Braun S8.

It has a powerful motor so it can shave a coarse beard as well.

The integrated slide-out trimmer is very similar to the one on the Series 3 and Series 9, so it’s handy for some light grooming and touchups.

I would personally get a cc Series 8 like the 8457cc, that one is usually available at a great price and you get a lot for the money: a highly capable, but easy-to-use foil shaver and a cleaning station from the much more expensive Series 9 and 9 Pro.

But if you don’t want to bother with the cleaning station that’s fine as well and you can save some money on a solo Series 8.

Cleaning the Series 8 manually.

You will be able to buy and use a station later on should you choose so. Just make sure you’re getting the right station model (you will find the exact part number in the Series 8 section of this guide).

I think the Series 8 really is the best mid-range Braun shaver if we consider its shaving performance and price.

The alternative — the new and more popular Series 7 70 (360 Flex) — is in my opinion an inferior shaver in every aspect.

The Series 8 is more comfortable, better with flat-lying hairs, comes with a way better cleaning station (especially the 84 Series 8 models), has a better shaving head and costs roughly the same.

Objectively (and subjectively), the Braun Series 8 is the better pick.

The only advantage of the S7 360 Flex is the suite of trimming accessories, but for many of us, those wouldn’t matter at all.

With the Series 8 you’re getting most of the benefits of Braun’s high-end shavers but still at a relatively low price.

But if you want the top package and you’re willing to spend more on it, then you should consider the Series 9 and 9 Pro.

Those will also allow most users to shave once a week, something the Series 8 can’t really do unless your beard grows at a slow pace.

So let’s check them out.

3. The high-end pick: Braun Series 9/9 Pro

Braun Series 9 9390cc.

Check Latest Price

Price and value for money aside, the Series 9 is currently Braun’s best shaver.

It’s the most capable and powerful and it can effortlessly deal with pretty much any type of facial hair.

The current Series 9 models (93xx) are extremely similar performance-wise to the latest PRO iteration (94xx), hence we can easily put both in the high-end category.

To me, the regular Series 9 is a bit gentler while the Pro Series 9 feels a bit more powerful.

The Series 9 Pro and Series 9.
The Series 9 Pro and Series 9.

The differences are subtle and I think either will be a good choice for most users.

In fact, I’d say that price should be the main decisive factor when choosing between them.

Precisely, if you can buy a Series 9 Pro for roughly the same price as a similarly-specced Series 9, then you might as well go for it.

For example, if you have to choose between two models that come with a cleaning station (like the 9390cc and the Pro 9465cc) and they cost the same, get the Pro.

Otherwise, I don’t think it’s worth paying a lot more for a Pro Series 9.

The Series 9 and 9 Pro are highly effective shavers and they will work great on both short and long stubble.

Braun says the S9 can easily deal with a 5-day beard, while the Pro with the tweaked cassette can even shave a one-week beard.

I find both equally good in that regard, although shaving a one-week beard would be really on the limit.

The S9 and S9 Pro are arguably the most capable foil shavers in that regard.

They only have one extra shaving element compared to the Series 8, but it really helps in such cases.

I think it’s among the most effective shavers I’ve used for flat-neck hairs, even better than the old Series 7.

Braun Series 9.

It’s also a very comfortable, fast and enjoyable shaver. It does have a larger head than the 3-blade Braun razors, but it’s still quite manageable.

The closeness is also better compared to the lower series, but not a massive difference from a Series 8 for example.

For me, the closeness is easily good enough and along with the comfort and the effectiveness on difficult hairs makes the Series 9 one of my favorite shavers.

I usually shave dry with it (as I do with all my Braun shavers) as I don’t feel the extra work needed for a wet shave is worth the effort.

With other shavers (like the Arc series from Panasonic) the improvements are more significant.

You should buy a Series 9 or 9 Pro if you shave less often, and have coarse/wiry/flat-lying hairs or sensitive skin.

It will of course work perfectly fine on short stubble, but so will a cheaper Series 8.

However, there’s nothing wrong with getting a faster and more powerful shaver if you have the budget for it.

Personally, I would actually get a cc Series 9 or 9 Pro.

Braun Series 9 cc station.

I find the station very practical even if I don’t use it after every shave.

In this manner, I don’t have to replace or refill the cartridge for a few months.

But nevertheless, the station is ultimately a personal decision.

You can clean any shaver manually, I just feel like in this case it adds to the whole experience.

It’s a useful accessory that will only slightly increase your cost of ownership (provided you follow these simple tips and you use a cheap third-party solution).

The Braun Series 9 9390cc or 9370cc are usually the ones to get if you want a cleaning station as well.

Those tend to cost less and are available in most countries.

The 9370cc has a single cleaning mode instead of 3, but that doesn’t matter as much in practice.

Other than that, the station is the same and it’s fitted with a fan that dries the shaving head.

If you want just the shaver, check out the 9330s.

For the Pro models, the 9465cc and 9460cc usually have the best price, but you should nevertheless get the cheapest one you can find available in your country.

Should you get a Braun shaver with or without a cleaning station?

Braun cleaning stations.

This is one of the questions I get quite often when it comes to buying a Braun electric razor.

And because the usefulness of a cleaning station is relative, I will share my personal take on this.

I consider Braun cleaning stations useful and practical even though objectively they aren’t the best.

For example, Panasonic stations can also just dry the shaving head (without cleaning the shaver prior to that), they use both a fan and a heating element, they’re sturdier and better looking.

However, they’re not as practical and there are almost no third-party alternatives for the cleaning solution.

With Braun stations, I can simply remove the cartridge, seal it and store it until the next use.

Inserting the cartridge into the 9385cc station.

I can’t do that with a Panasonic station. For me, that’s a deal-breaker.

It’s why I actually like and use Braun stations.

That said, I would only buy a Series 8 and Series 9/9 Pro with a cleaning station.

For the other series, meaning from the Series 3 to the Series 7 70, I would get a solo model instead.

And that’s because the cc models cost quite a lot more and those series are also supposed to be more budget-friendly.

The station will increase the buying price quite a lot.

Of course, in most cases, a station purchased later on will work fine (please refer to each series above to see if or which station will be compatible).

You may be able to get the station through eBay for example at a great price and pay a total price that is less than the cc variation of that shaver.

But buying a Series 3 ProSkin cc model for the price of a solo Series 8 for example just doesn’t make sense to me.

I would have also recommended a cc model in the case of the old and discontinued Series 5 and Series 7, but unfortunately those aren’t available anymore.

For the new Series 5 50, Series 6 and Series 7 70, I recommend sticking to a cheaper solo model (unless you find a great deal for a cc model).

If you decide to get a Braun shaver with a cleaning center, you should consider using a cheaper cleaning solution like the ones from or Cleanerist/Wessper. solution.

I wrote a comprehensive guide about the various options if you want to check it out.

I’ve been using these for years and never had any issues with any of my Braun razors.

Another important aspect regarding the Braun cleaning stations is the cross-compatibility between the different series.

Some stations are and some aren’t compatible with shavers from a different series.

We have the unique case of the Series 5 50, Series 6 and Series 7 70 (360 Flex) that share the exact same model of the cleaning station.

We also have the Braun Series 8 84xx models that use the same station as the 93xx Series 9 and 94xx Series 9 Pro.

But other than these two situations, a Braun station belonging to a certain series will not work with a shaver from a different series.

For example, a Series 7 shaver will NOT work with a Series 9 station, a Series 3 station will not work with a Series 5 shaver and so on.

In most cases, the shaver will not even physically fit and connect to the station.

So make sure you take this into account before buying a station or a specific shaver from a different series — there’s a high chance it won’t work.

You can refer to each of the series overviews above for detailed info on the cleaning stations.

Cleaning and maintenance: How to take care of your Braun shaver

As with any electric shaver, proper use and maintenance will ensure many years of service from your Braun (although rare unlucky failures do happen regardless of how well you take care of it).

This comes down to getting the basics right — nothing fancy, complicated or time-consuming.

Here are my top 5 tips for taking care of your Braun shaver.

1. Clean it after every shave.

Rinsing the shaver with warm tap water.

I think this is the single most important thing you can do.

Be it manually or via the cleaning center, regularly cleaning the razor will prevent dirt and grime from accumulating inside the cassette and the shaver will run at its full capacity.

It only takes seconds to rinse it with warm water or every once in a while with a bit of liquid soap.

Here’s my guide on how to clean an electric shaver quickly and effectively.

Bonus tip: after cleaning your shaver with water, remove the cassette and let it air dry completely before putting it back on the shaver.

Letting the shaver air dry completely

Also, if it has a protective cap, try to only use it while traveling or when there’s a real risk of damaging the foils.

Otherwise, it will prevent the moisture from evaporating and the cassette will get a funky odor.

2. Lubricate the blades.

Cleaning and lubricating your head shaver is important.

This is necessary only if you don’t use a cleaning station regularly.

Once a week apply a drop or two of clipper oil on the outside of each foil, then turn the shaver on for a few seconds.

Gently wipe any excess oil with a paper tissue and you’re all set.

I usually do this right before I shave, but it doesn’t really matter as long as you do it.

Just make sure the blades are dry before applying the lubricant.

In my guide on how to lubricate an electric shaver you’ll also find a few recommendations for clipper oils and lubricating sprays.

3. Don’t store the shaver in a very hot environment or in direct sunlight.

Braun travel case.

Failing to do so will negatively affect the battery life.

Heat is the number one enemy of rechargeable batteries, so make sure you don’t leave the shaver on your car’s dashboard for example.

4. Only buy genuine Braun replacement heads

The Braun Series 3 cassette.

I know it may be tempting to buy an inexpensive, compatible part, but trust me, it’s not worth it.

Those heads have really poor performance and the blades will get blunt after only a few shaves.

Always get genuine Braun parts from a reputable vendor.

5. Change the shaving head when it can’t provide a good shave anymore

With most Braun electric razors you are supposed to replace the head every 18 months.

Some will even show a notification on the shaver’s display to remind you that it’s time for a new head.

However, you may not need to change it if it still cuts the hair reasonably well.

On the other hand, if you shave often and have really dense and coarse hair, the blades of your Braun shaver can wear out faster.

Also, make sure to change it immediately if you ever notice any signs of the foil rupturing as that can cause serious injury.

When shouldn’t you buy a Braun shaver?

Despite not being perfect in every situation and some series offering better performance and value than others, Braun electric shavers are among the best out there.

I think they’re suitable for a variety of use cases and most of us can choose one to suit our needs and budgets.

The foil razors made by Braun are generally very comfortable and gentle, being my default recommendation for users with sensitive skin.

The longer and flat-lying hairs, even those growing in different directions, are captured quite effectively. And that’s something most other foil shavers struggle with.

So you don’t necessarily have to shave daily in order to get the best results, especially with the more advanced models like the old Series 7, the Series 8 and the Series 9/ 9 PRO.

There are however a couple of scenarios where a Braun shaver is probably not the ideal choice.

Things can however be different for different people, so please use these only as general guidelines.

I rely on my own experience and on the countless interactions I’ve had over the past 10 years with different Braun users.

If you want the closest possible shave with an electric razor, Braun shavers are probably not the best option.

The flagship models from the Series 9 PRO will shave close enough for most users, but if you’re very demanding in that regard, there are other foil shavers out there that will provide a closer shave.

In the next section I will share my picks.

Secondly, while most Braun shavers are wet/dry models and can be used with shaving cream, the performance gains proved to be underwhelming in my case and also for many other users.

I think shaving dry with a Braun shaver, optionally with a pre-shave lotion, will be the best option for most users in terms of closeness, comfort, practicality and how long it takes to complete the shave.

You can wet shave with an electric razor and get fantastic results. The closeness can even match that of a razor blade.

However, I don’t think you’ll get that with a Braun shaver.

So let’s check out the alternatives.

What should you get instead?

The Panasonic ES-LV65-S next to ES-LV9Q-S.
The Panasonic ES-LV65-S next to ES-LV9Q-S.

You’ve probably guessed it by now, but in order to have a better chance at addressing the two aforementioned weaknesses, we shouldn’t overlook Braun’s main competitor in the foil camp, Panasonic.

Their shavers have some specific pros but also cons when compared to Braun shavers.

One of the main pros is the closeness of the shave.

Most Panasonic shavers manage to cut the hair closer to the skin, particularly the range-topping Arc 5 and Arc 6 series.

Those shavers are extremely powerful and have a cutting system that allows them to provide a really close shave by using arched foils, blades with a very aggressive bevel and the fastest motors on any shaver.

A Panasonic Arc 5 next to a Braun Series 9.
A Panasonic Arc 5 next to a Braun Series 9.

They do have some serious drawbacks as well though. 

Panasonic razors are effective when used on short stubble and struggle a lot with longer and flat-lying hairs, so you should definitely keep that in mind if you shave only once or twice a week.

They’re also a bit more aggressive, especially if you shave dry and have sensitive skin.

But if those things don’t apply and just want the closer shave, I think you’ll have a much better chance with a Panasonic shaver.

My picks would be the Arc 5 models from the older generation, with models like the ES-LV65 and ES-LV67 which can be bought at a reasonable price and shave just as close as the newer and much more expensive models.

Other less advanced models also have the same closeness advantage compared to similarly priced Braun models.

Unfortunately, prices have spiked for many of the Arc 3 and Arc 4 Panasonic models.

The replacement foils and blades also cost more, so if you’re on a tighter budget, a Braun razor is usually a more economical option.

Finally, if you’re a fan of wet shaving for the added comfort and closeness, Panasonic is really in a league of its own in that regard.

The wet shaving performance is stellar regardless of model, so I definitely recommend a Panasonic shaver over any Braun if you plan on using shaving cream or gel.


I hope that you finally have a better picture of all the different Braun electric shaver models and series.

And more importantly, you also know if and which Braun razor will best suit your needs and budget.

I tried my best to offer practical advice from the perspective of the user — someone that actually owns and uses these shavers regularly.

Sometimes things will be different than in my case and outlier experiences do happen, but I think most users will find this buying guide useful for choosing a suitable Braun shaver.

If you have any questions that weren’t addressed in the article or you’d just like to share your experience with a Braun shaver, please leave a comment below.

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Hey. I’m Ovidiu, the founder and editor of ShaverCheck. I independently buy and test electric shavers and I’ve been sharing my findings on this site for more than 10 years, hopefully helping others choose a suitable shaver.

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  1. Great blog. Thank you. I’m a Braun S9 user. I like the idea of that charging case. But, I decided to simply buy an extra charging cord, which I keep in my travel toiletries bag all the time. I’ve been replacing the cassettes every 12 months, whether it needed to or not. I don’t want to mix my own fluid for the charger/cleaner so I have been buying a generic I found on Amazon. I think the S9 charger/cleaner evaporates the fluid faster than my S7(?), which had the fan dryer. But buying the generics made it okay for the price.

    • Thanks so much for the comment.

      If the cartridge contains the exact same solution it shouldn’t evaporate faster in the S9 cleaner. But the different brands of cleaning solutions, including the OEM refills, do have different alcohol concentrations and that will affect how fast it evaporates.


  2. Hi Ovidiu,
    Thanks for your interesting newsletter update on Braun Shavers. I have the Series 3 shaver, which had the standard head, and after 18 months I swapped it for the upgraded head version. In fact I use two shavers. The Series 3 does a good job, but not close enough, so I finish up using my Philips rotary which seems to take more hair away. Keep up the good work!
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      Thank you so much for the comment, glad you found the info useful. It’s good to have two shavers that complement each other, especially if that also allows you to get a better shave.


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  3. great review as always Ovidiu. I own both braun 9 series and panasonic arc6 and can confirm that they are both very good razors. However, since I bought the new philips 9000 series with dual steel precision heads, I’ve only used this one, because it allows me to get a much better dry shave.
    Best wishes

  4. Hi Ovidiu, This a superb review, interesting and informative!! I was in a dilemma late last year as I had had a bad experience with a Braun S7 many years agao and prior to that and since have always had the Panasonics. Late last year I wasn’t too happy with the panasonic and was going to try the Arc6, however, following your research in the past I decided to try the Braun 9 Pro.

    I’m glad I did!! I find it faster than the panasonic, also it’s less aggressive on the skin, I have always suffered with white spots under the skin, however the Braun seems to not give this problem any longer, its a god send, maybe it was the vibration off the Panasonic, who knows?

    Yes I would agree that the Arc gets closer, but only ever so slightly, so much so its negligible.

    When comparing the two, the 9 Pro ticks every box, for me at least anyway.

    In an earlier post you addressed the question of the gold cutter and it’s position as it can go towards the front or back, I’m sure as you say it doesn’t make much if any difference, but I would say in my tests towards the front is best, don’t know why lol!!

    You have helped me make the right choice for me and thank you for that!

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you so much for the kind words, I’m truly glad it has helped you choose a suitable shaver.

      The white spots/pseudofolliculitis are a lot less likely to occur with the S9/S9 Pro than with a more aggressive Panasonic shaver. The cassette orientation seems to make a difference in some cases and it’s likely a result of a certain combination of facial hair/skin characteristics and technique. But definitely use it in the way that allows you to get a better shave.


  5. I don’t know Braun shavers at all (except for what I’ve read here), but I’ve used a Panasonic ARC 5 shaver for several years. One advantage/disadvantage not really addressed is that the Panasonic is trivial to clean. After each shave, I run the shaver under running water, pop off the foil and hold it under running water, and then run the foil-less running shaver (with the blades exposed) under running water. A total of maybe 15 seconds. If the “cleaning” logo is displayed, I do the special internal cleaning mode, but in my years of using the ARC5, I think I’ve gotten that logo displayed a total of 3 times. I’ve never used a cleaning solution.

    Compare this with Braun shavers, where the foil and blades are in a single cassette. My understanding is that merely cleaning under running water is not sufficient. One really needs to do more “formal” cleaning frequently. To me, that is a major pain. Even using a cleaning station with the need for cleaning solution seems like a major pain. I see this as a major disadvantage for the Braun shavers. But maybe I’m incorrect in my understanding of the cleaning requirements for Braun.

    • Hi William,

      Thank you so much for the comment.

      That’s a really excellent point on Braun vs Panasonic. And my stance used to be identical to yours. However, after many years of owning and using multiple shavers from Braun and Panasonic, I’ve come to realize that the problem of manually cleaning a Braun shaver isn’t as serious as I used to think. I will have to admit that a manual cleaning similar to the one you’ve described must be performed after every shave, otherwise you may run into some issues in the long run.

      And speaking of Braun cassettes, they’re really not much worse compared to Panasonic. For example, a Series 9 has 4 integrated cutters, while an Arc 5 has 3 — just one less. The Braun Series 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 also have 3. On the other hand, the Panasonic Arc 6 has all 6 of them integrated into a Braun-style cassette. I still think Panasonic shavers are easier to clean manually overall, but a Braun shaver without a cleaning station is not by any means impossible to clean effectively and quickly.

      Thank you again for taking the time to share this, much appreciated.


  6. Hi Ovidiu

    Great newsletter. I was thinking about switching back to the Braun b/c of the cleaning station. I can’t fully take apart the prestige. The problem with the Braun is it has always struggled with my neck hair, no matter what I do.

    The main problem is the Braun Cleaning station dimensions. The width is listed about 5 inches and the area around my sink is 4 inches wide, so the station really does not fit very well

    The Prestige gives a really close shave, including my neck. I use the wireless charging version and the pad fits on my sink with room to spare. The best that I can do is rinse it under water each time after shaving. Should I just keep with the Prestige?


    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

      In my opinion you should definitely keep the Prestige, I know about the cleaning issue and I think you should just try to clean it the best you can after each shave and should all be good. The Braun station and the limited counter space are in my opinion just one part of the problem, the other one being that a rotary like the Prestige just seems to work better for you than a foil shaver.


  7. Dear Ovidiu,

    Thank you for your “Braun Electric Shavers: Comparison & Buyer’s Guide (2023).” Your attention to detail is admirable, and the clarity of your writing style is excellent. I’m sure that you put many hours into this fine report.

    I’m getting up in years, and I’ve been shaving for a long time. I began with a Gillette safety razor in the 1950s. Then I wore a full beard for over 10 years. After I shaved my beard, I used a Norelco electric shaver, but I also used a disposable razor for trimming. I did that for many years.

    Here’s what I’ve been using for the last number of years: I like to shave every day. I buzz my face lightly with a Braun shaver (I still have my 7-year-old Braun Series 7) and then I go back over my face lightly with either a Gillette SkinGuard or a Gillette Mach3. Instead of using shaving cream or canned gel, I use plain old Dove or Ivory soap. (I don’t like the scents of many shaving products!) As an after-shave product, I used Witch Hazel and fragrance-free Vitamin-E cream. I know that you’re not supposed to use an electric shaver and a blade together, but this routine has always worked for me.

    I have your website bookmarked on my list of Favorites. Keep up the good work.

    By the way, I do subscribe to your newsletter.

    Best wishes,
    January 19, 2023

    • Dean,

      Thank you so much for the kind comment and for taking the time to share your experience — I appreciate it greatly.

      Whatever setup and routine you have that’s working — absolutely nothing wrong with it. Some of us are more susceptible to skin issues when alternating electric shavers and manual razors, but that’s definitely not set in stone. I tend to recommend what would be a safe approach, but everyone’s mileage will vary.

      Thank you again for your support.


  8. Hello Ovidiu,
    Thank you for this excellent review. Since 2018, I have been using an old Series 5 (5090cc). I am very happy with it. Do you think we will be faced with a short supply of shaving head replacements, given the discontinuation of this model? Should I buy more than one, the next time I switch the old head out?
    Thanks once again for this most comprehensive article.

    • Hi Ben,

      Thank you so much for the comment, much appreciated. Considering that there are still foils and blades available from the Series 5 generation that precedes your shaver (that set is called 51s and the blades are separate from the foil block), I’d say there’s no real reason for concern, at least not for the moment. Just to be sure, you can purchase two cassettes, but I wouldn’t get more than that.


  9. Great article Ovidiu! Thanks to your advice I purchased the 3 series last Spring and it has been great. Thank you though for the reminder to use it frequently for best results. I had been lazy over the holiday, not shaving every day, and wondered why my skin was complaining!



  10. I’ve been looking to switch from a regular blade razor to an electric razor due to being on a blood thinner now. Cutting myself while on a blood thinner is a pain. So I decided to go back to an electric razor. I had an old rotary type Panasonic razor 30 years ago. It use to burn my face a lot. So I switched to blades. Of course now I’m back to an electric razor and I don’t want to that burning sensation. I read your article on the Braun Series 9 razors. I decided to go with the Pro razor. I’m excited to try this beast. Thanks for the informative article.

  11. Braun’s naming conventions are so obtuse. Very frustrating. I’ve tried in the past multiple times to figure out which one to buy, but I have always given up out of boredom. $300 or more is too much money to spend whimsically, yet perusing the minute differences between models is too tedious to keep me invested.

    Your article cut right through that. I actually really appreciate the simplicity of your presentation. In fact, I’m very grateful to have read this because I think you actually convinced NOT to buy a Braun now that I finally understand the differences between their models. Shaving in the shower is a big deal for me, so if Panasonic is significantly better in that condition, then I guess I should be looking at Panasonic.

    Great review, much appreciated.

    • Thank you for the comment, Evan, much appreciated.

      Having used many Braun and Panasonic shavers, I feel like the former is ideal for shaving dry since a wet shave won’t really bring significant improvements to the shave (the comfort is already great and the closeness remains good, but not class-leading). Panasonic on the other hand shaves even closer during a wet shave and especially the older generation models like the ES-LV65/ES-LA63AA even become more comfortable.

      Both make really good shavers that excel at different things.

      Hope this will help you with your decision.


  12. I have an old Braun 89** series razor that I have used for years and years. The battery is now almost dead and I need to replace it. I shave my neck and upper cheeks once, maybe twice a week, but my hair growth is fairly dense. What one of the new models would you recommend? Love your reviews of the razors!!

    • Thanks so much for the comment, Don.

      Normally I would simply suggest the Series 3 ProSkin since you’ll only be using it for the neck and top part of the cheeks. But since you don’t shave as often and your beard is heavy, a Series 8 will probably be more suitable and allow you to shave faster and with less work. It is however considerably more expensive than something like the Series 3 ProSkin 3040s. My advice would be to wait a bit and maybe grab a Series 8 at a discount or if you want the most cost-effective, but still decent shaver, just get the aforementioned S3 ProSkin.

      I think your choice should be between these two considering your needs, the costs, and the actual performance of all the current Braun models.


  13. Absolutely great and insightful review! Congratulations. One question: Happy user of S3 3040S. Do you think that switch to S9 Pro would make any difference in deeper shaving? Please note that I always shave after 2-3 days at max. Thanks.

    • Thanks so much, Thanos, glad you found the post useful.

      The S9 Pro is superior to the 3040s in all regards, but the main benefits of upgrading to it will relate to the time it takes you to complete a shave and the less work required in order to get a smooth shave. I would also argue that it’s a more enjoyable experience especially if your beard is on the coarse side and shave less often. But I wouldn’t say the closeness will be a massive improvement. In my opinion spending that much money on an S9 Pro is probably not justified in this case since you are happy with your S3 which is significantly cheaper (to buy and to own).


  14. Costco has the following, Braun Series 9 Sport Shaver with Clean and Charge System for $149.99. It seems like a no brainer unless there is something wrong with this model.

    • Nothing wrong with at all. It’s probably the 9310cc model, comes in a matte black color and includes a standard cleaning station (1 cleaning mode) and a textile hard case. It’s usually priced lower than other cc variations, but identical performance-wise.


  15. Hello Ovidiu,

    I need your help. I have a cleaning station and I don’t know for what series I can use it. It is model 5425 CS S-9 A H.
    I think it is for Series 9. But I’m not so sure. Can you recommend me which shaver I could buy? Probably it is older model, I can find it used on marketplace. I need to buy only shaver and charging cable I have all the other accessories and parts.

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately it is indeed an older Series 9 station (originally shipped with a 92xx model), which means it will not work with a Series 9 shaver bought separately. But even if it did, you probably couldn’t find one anymore as the 92xx generation has been discontinued for quite some time.

      It will only work with a 92xx cc shaver like the 9290cc which already comes with a station. A solo model sold separately (without a station) will not work with yours,


  16. Hi

    huge thanks for this comprehensive article !
    i have one quick question for advice: for someone with a inconsistent shaving habit (i.e. not shaving for a few days), which model would you recommend ?
    because until now i am or using a “trimmer” (because i have some cheap philips shaver that is a pain to shave few days hair) or trimmer then the shaver… in other words is there a “magic” model that could help me shave each every couples of days and that can handle longer hair (i think my hair are rather coarse and my skin, especially on neck, is rather sensitive because when i tried back in the days to shave with a non electric gillette i always bleed) ?
    many thanks in advance !
    kind regards

  17. Hi Ovidiu,
    Thanks for building this website/blog with passion! Appreciate your effort!
    I am currently considering among S8/S9/S9pro (cc version). Their price difference in my region is really small, and I don’t mind overkilling. My question is, I have a rather small and slim face, and I shave every or every other day. Do you think S9/S9pro will be “too big” to shave well on small faces, or it will actually be more versatile and forgiving? I really have no technical knowledge on this.

    Much thanks!

    • Hi OY,

      Thanks so much for the kind comment, glad you found the site useful.

      Normally I would have recommended the S8 since the price is usually a lot lower. But in this case, you might as well treat yourself to a Series 9 or 9 Pro. It feels more refined and it is gentler and more enjoyable to use compared to the S8.

      The shaving head of the Series 9 is larger, but still manageable and I think the pros overcome the cons.


  18. Hi Ovidiu,

    I am currently using Braun waterflex shaver, how do you rate this shaver?

    I am actually consider whether i should purchase a new braun shaver (either series 3, 5 or 6). But i am wondering if it is worth the switch.

    • Hi,

      I would place it somewhere between a Series 3 and an old Series 5 (it even uses the same 51b foil and cutters of that Series 5). I think a Series 8 would be a decent upgrade, but you should also take into account how satisfied you are with the Waterflex. If you’re happy with the shave and there’s nothing wrong with your unit (like poor battery), I would hold on to it for the time being. Getting a Series 3, 5 or 6 (the new generations) probably won’t feel like a major upgrade.

      The Series 8 and 9 are better but those are worth getting if you’re not satisfied with the performance of the Waterflex.


      • Again, thanks for your approachable & informative writing. I’d like to pick up on this point, as I also have an old Braun WaterFlex. Are the foil & cutters really similar to those of the old Series 5? They look very different. In fact, the WaterFlex cutters seem identical to those of the Syncro, and the foil is the same shape but with a different hole pattern. They fit on just fine. Are you sure the (old) Series 5 parts will also fit on the (even older) WaterFlex …and on the (older still) Syncro? If so, I’ll have to try that!

        • Hi Barry,

          Thanks so much, glad the info was useful.

          I think my wording in that comment wasn’t the most precise. By old Series 5 I meant the generation that was available even before the one I refer to in the post above as Braun Series 5 (discontinued). That even older Series 5 the comment above uses the 51 foil&blades set, same as the WaterFlex (which is a special type of that old Series 5). The next Series 5 generation — again the one I refer to as Braun Series 5 (discontinued)) uses the 52 cassette which is indeed totally different and the blades are integrated into the foil assembly (cassette).

          Here is a screenshot from Braun’s UK site that hopefully makes everything clearer. The first one is the old Series 5 (discontinued), the next is the even older Series 5 (discontinued for a longer time) and the last is the WaterFlex, a sub-type of the Series 5 on its left.

          Hope this makes sense. I didn’t want to include that even older Series 5 in the comparison as it just would’ve gotten way too large.


  19. i love your reviews and articles! i had bin using the philips series 5000 to shave my face and head. after i broke it by accident, because of your reviews i ordered the braun series 7 (new 360). and i was much happier whit it than my Phillips. but i realized too late your reviews talked about the old series 7. im very much considering buying a series 9(i have alot of annoying hairs on my neck the 7 doesn’t always pick up), but i found an old wet and dry series 7 whit cleaning station on a second hand website for only 60 euro! whats your opinion on buying electric razors second hand? should i go for it, or avoid it and just save up for a series9? thank you in advance! -s

    • Hi,

      Thanks so much for the comment.

      The old Series 7 was indeed a better shaver in every way. Many users seem to feel the same having used both.

      One of the shortcomings of the newer model is that it doesn’t seem to be as effective anymore when catching difficult hairs. So an old S7 or the S9 should be an improvement in that regard.

      As for buying pre-owned shavers, that does come with a risk. There’s the shaver and how it’s been used, stored and cared of and then the hygiene aspect. It may need a new cassette as well. I personally don’t buy second hand razors but I would only get one from a reputable vendor if I’m convinced the shaver is still in mint condition. If you have any doubts, it would probably best to save for the S9 and maybe wait for a great deal on one if you’re not in a hurry.


  20. How does the Braun Series 9 or Series 9 Pro, when shaving wet, compare with shaving with a blade (e.g., Gillette Fusion 5)?

    • The result will be slightly different for different users, but I’d say the S9 and S9 Pro (used wet) will be similar to a one pass (with or across the grain) using a Gillette cartridge razor. If one can tolerate a bit more pressure and more passes, the closeness can be even better.

      If you plan on using the shaver wet most of the time, I think a Panasonic Arc 5 or Arc 6 would be a better option. In most cases the closeness when shaving wet will be better compared to S9/S9 Pro.


  21. Ovidiu,
    First thank you for the time and effort you put into this!
    I’ve not used an electric for 35 years but with the cost of manual blades and me getting older has me looking for something in the electric shaver area. My problem is that I have NO space for the cleaners so the newer models won’t work. And not sure I want to mess with the cleaning solution. I think reading your reviews I’m looking at a Braun but I would love your comments of which ones would fit my needs. I usually shave every other day (some weeks every 3 days). The Braun 5 series looks good but I would love your thoughts of others as well.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Randy,

      Thanks so much for the comment.

      You can of course buy a Braun shaver without a cleaning station — the station is entirely optional. I usually recommend it for the higher-end models like the Series 8 and Series 9/Series 9 Pro, but only because those don’t cost a lot more than the solo models and the station can be very practical. But if you think it would just get in the way, there’s nothing wrong with buying a shaver without one.

      The Series 5 (the current model aka Series 5 50 as I refer to it in the article) is a decent shaver for the money, but it’s not nearly as good as the old, discontinued Series 5 generation. For that reason I usually recommend a Series 3 ProSkin like the 3040s instead because it’s easier to use (less bulky shaving head) and has an integrated trimmer which I find more practical. So the Series 3 ProSkin 3040s would be my budget-friendly recommendation. It will work perfectly fine shaving every other day and unless you have very coarse/difficult facial hair, it should be good enough.

      The upgraded option would be the Series 8, something like the 8417s (no cleaning station) or basically any other S8 model ending in s — whichever you can find at a better price. The Series 8 is more powerful and capable, so it will shave faster and with less work required.

      I would also recommend a good pre-shave lotion like Speick, I think it would be beneficial since you haven’t used an electric shaver in a long time. It just makes shaving easier and more enjoyable.

      Hope this helps.


  22. Got a question here too. I’d like a reliable trimmer/clipper that works corded or cordless, with worldwide voltage. I have an extra Braun Series 3 3000 that I haven’t even unboxed yet, One option would be to get the 32BT attachment. It would meet my requirements. But how good is that trimmer? Integrated Braun trimmers are not great. I wonder whether this one is much better, even suitable for haircuts, or would I do better just to get a dedicated trimmer/clipper?


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