Braun Series 7 790cc Review: Still One Of The Greatest

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Pros: very comfortable, close shaves, recommended for sensitive skin, good build quality, very good battery life, excellent cleaning station, replacement parts last a long time, can be used while charging

Cons: dry only operation, not the closest shaving razor in its price range, pricey

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[4.5 out of 5 stars]

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The Braun Series 7 790cc is one of the most popular, versatile and acclaimed electric shavers of all time.

Launched back in 2007, it has received rave reviews for being able to provide close and supremely comfortable shaves.

The performance of the 790cc made it ubiquitous in pretty much every list of the best shavers, often being regarded as the benchmark for comfort and closeness.

Read along to get the whole story in our in-depth Braun Series 7 790cc review where we take a close look at the pros and cons of this iconic shaver.

We’ll also see how it stacks up nowadays against other newer Series 7 iterations.

Let’s dive right in.

Features overview

Here are the main features of the 790cc:

  • Pulsonic Technology
  • ActiveLift system
  • OptiFoil
  • 3 individual cutting elements
  • Flexible Shaving System
  • 3 Personalization Modes
  • Clean & Renew System that cleans, lubricates, dries and charges the shaver
  • LCD display with advanced capabilities
  • 100% washable
  • Quick Charge Option

As you can probably tell, there’s a lot of marketing fluff in the specs sheet, so here is a breakdown of the most important features.

Pulsonic Technology

One of the defining features of Braun’s top-of-the-line shavers is the ability to supposedly capture more hairs by using micro-vibrations.

Basically, the motor makes the foils vibrate and thus more stray hairs are fed into the cutters.

In the Performance section of the review, we’ll take a closer look at this and see how well it really works.

ActiveLift system

Hairs that lie flat on the surface of the skin tend to always be a problem for most electric razors.

In an effort to address this shortcoming, Braun came up with a special design of one of the three cutting elements.

Braun Series 7 790cc shaving head closeup.
The three cutting elements of the 790cc: two foils and one middle trimmer

The two foils cut short hairs at skin level, while the middle cutter of the 790cc moves sideways and lifts the hairs lying flat, then cuts them to a manageable size for the other two foils.

You can see the ActiveLift system in action in this video.


As it’s the case with most of its other shavers, Braun opted for an unusual shape of the perforations in the foil.

Closeup of the Optifoil on the 790cc.

As a result, they have a hexagonal shape and should allegedly be more efficient at capturing hairs than the more common round ones.

Here you can see a more detailed animation.

3 individual cutting elements

As you already know, Braun opted for a 3 blade shaving system for the 790cc.

The cutters can move independently and the motion is buttery smooth, ensuring excellent contact with the skin.

The 3 cutting elements of the Series 7 790cc can move independently.

Also, the range of motion of the three cutters is the largest I’ve seen on any foil shaver, including Braun’s top-of-the-line Series 9 and Series 9 Pro.

Again, this contributes to the Series 7 being one of the best foil shavers when it comes to the shaving head staying in contact with the skin.

Flexible Shaving System

Almost all high-end shavers from different manufacturers feature a flexible shaving head to better follow the contours of your face.

The 790cc is no exception and allows up and down pivoting of the shaving head and can also be locked into place by a switch located on the side.

It’s a very simple system, but very effective and I actually prefer it to the wobbly heads of other foil shavers, like the latest Arc 5 from Panasonic.

3 Personalization Modes

A unique feature of the Series 7 is the ability to select one of the three modes that best suit your skin and technique, from Extra Sensitive to Intense.

In theory, men with a coarse, tough beard will use the Intensive operating mode, while the Extra Sensitive setting can be effective for users with sensitive skin that is prone to irritations.

You can of course use different settings for shaving different areas of your face.

Switching between the different modes is done by pressing the two buttons located on the sides of the ON/OFF switch.

We’ll see later on in the review if these settings do make a difference in real-world use.

Build quality and ergonomics

Throughout the years, Braun has pretty much set the standards in terms of build quality, especially with its advanced shavers.

As expected, the Series 7 790cc doesn’t disappoint and impresses with solid construction and good ergonomics.

Braun Series 7 790cc

Braun Series 7 790cc

See the price on Amazon

While its design is rather lackluster and a bit dated, the build quality is very good, with no cracking noises or flimsy materials.

As far as ergonomics go, it strikes a nice balance of weight and shape, with grippy rubber on the sides and back.

The Braun Series 7 is one of the best all-around electric razors.

The shaver body is quite bulky and it doesn’t taper so you can better wrap your hand around it, but despite these, it’s still very comfortable to hold.

One potential problem that is well-known in the electric shaving community is the locking system of the shaving head.

When locked in place, the mechanism can simply break if you apply excessive pressure on the shaving head.

This issue was completely addressed with the newer Series 5 and Series 9, but it still exists on the current Series 7, so definitely keep this in mind.

Battery life and charging

With a fully charged battery, you can expect up to 50 minutes of use from the 790cc.

Charging it takes approximately one hour, with the option of a 5 minutes quick charge that should provide enough juice for one complete shaving session.

Charging begins automatically when the razor is placed in the Clean & Renew System.

You also have the option of using the supplied cord that plugs directly into the shaver. This is very convenient when traveling as you don’t have to carry the charging station along.

Another bonus point is that the 790cc can also be used while plugged in. The wet & dry siblings of the 790cc, like the Series 7 799cc or the 7865cc cannot be used while charging.

The automatic voltage adjustment (100-240V) means that you can use it anywhere in the world and being a Li-Ion battery, you won’t have to worry about fully discharging or overcharging it.

Cleaning and maintenance

One of the things you can do to ensure a quality shave and to maintain your razor in top shape is to properly clean it after every use.

And with the Series 7 790cc, you can do it either manually or use the automatic cleaning station.

Manual cleaning

With the shaver switched on, the shaving head can be rinsed directly under running tap water. For more effective cleaning, it is recommended to use some liquid soap as well.

Another option is to use the included brush to clean the inner area of the head.

In order to do that, you must remove the foil and cutters assembly. You should not use the brush for cleaning the foils directly as they can be easily damaged.

However, Braun shavers are somewhat more difficult to clean manually due to the design of the shaving head, called a cassette.

The inner part of the 790cc cassette.

The cassette integrates the blades and the foils into a single piece and they cannot be separated. As a result, getting all the dirt and hair clippings out is fiddly and takes more time.

Luckily, the 790cc comes with an automatic cleaning and charging station.

Automatic cleaning

This unit automatically cleans, lubricates, charges and dries the shaver. Simply put, it is one of the best and most effective cleaning stations out there.

Compared to the ones from Panasonic for example, it is quieter and faster (approximately 30 or 40 minutes for the cleaning and drying cycle, depending on the program).

By using an alcohol-based solution, it is also very effective at cleaning and sanitizing your shaver.

The Series 7 cleaning station.

The shaver features a hygiene indicator alongside the one for battery status. When it is hygienically clean, all the 6 segments are shown.

After every use, one segment drops and it will only go up if you use the cleaning station, no matter how effective your manual cleaning is.

Since the shaving head assembly can’t be taken apart like on some other shavers, you can’t really clean it thoroughly just by quickly rinsing it.

Braun recommends an automatic cleaning after every use, but you can get away with using it a lot less.

When not in use, simply remove the cartridge from the station and put the cap back on to avoid the evaporation of the alcohol fluid.

The plastic cap of the CCR cartridge.

When placing the razor in the station, it will automatically select the appropriate program depending on the hygiene status.

There are three options available: short (economical), normal and high intensive.

The LED indicators show you the level of the cartridge and the type of cleaning that will be performed.

A full cycle that includes cleaning, lubricating and drying your razors takes about 30 to 40 minutes. In the first part of the process, the shaver will switch on and off a few times, while the cleaning fluid will be flushed through the shaving head.

The drying phase is completely silent as the station uses induction heating to dry the shaving head. With the Series 9 for example, Braun decided to use a fan (which takes longer and also makes some noise).

There is also the FastClean feature (25 seconds) that only cleans the razor without drying it.

The cleaning stations that come with the Series 7 are in my opinion the best that Braun has ever made.

UPDATE: Braun dropped the induction heating system and the quick cleaning mode for all the stations that come with a Series 7, 790cc included. Unless you can grab a previously manufactured model, you can’t get induction heating with the current shavers.

Keep in mind that alcohol tends to evaporate pretty quickly, so you’re not going to use the station for a longer period, remove the cartridge from it and put back the cap.

Shaving performance

Right, let’s get to the most important part of testing the 790cc, the actual performance.

The shaving experience with the Series 7 790cc is one of the best you can get with an electric shaver.

Braun Series 7 790cc

Braun Series 7 790cc

See the price on Amazon

There’s no way to put this any other way. The shaver is particularly impressive when it comes to comfort, but the closeness is more than adequate for an electric shaver as well.

The 790cc is also pretty good at cutting hairs that lie flat on your skin or that grow in different patterns, so you can get very good results even on a two or three days beard.

Anyone that has some experience with electric shavers knows that this is their Achille’s heel.

By using the combo of micro pulsations, that specially designed middle trimmer and foil, the 790cc manages to perform better than most other shavers when shaving a longer beard.

No, it’s not quite as good in this regard as the Series 9 or an advanced rotary shaver like the Norelco S9000 Prestige, but it’s definitely one of the better foil shavers when used on longer facial hair.

The slim head also makes it very maneuverable as opposed to other models that some may find a little bit unpractical due to their sheer size.

I’m talking about shavers like the Panasonic Arc 4, Arc 5 or even Braun’s very own Series 9.

When shaving with the 790cc it’s important not to apply too much pressure, but let the shaver glide on your face. However, since the 790 is so gentle and forgiving, you can get away with doing that.

The only areas that may require a couple of additional passes are right below the jawline or the neck especially if your hair tends to grow in different directions.

It’s nevertheless a top performer when it comes to comfort: no pulling or tugging even when shaving every two or three days.

The long hair trimmer is also pretty good for light grooming and trimming. I don’t find it as effective as the ones on Panasonic razors though — it requires more passes to cut the hairs clean.

Using the 3 personalization modes didn’t seem to make a significant difference during my tests.

Moreover, the Sensitive settings just made the shaver feel slow, so you should shave with the highest power setting at all times as the 790cc remains perfectly comfortable.

Overall, a stellar performance from the Series 7 790cc.

Included accessories

In the package you’ll find the following items:

  • Series 7 790cc shaver
  • Clean & Renew System
  • Cleaning brush
  • Electric cord (100V – 240V)
  • 1 X Clean & Renew Cartridge
  • Travel case

Replacement parts availability

When the foil and cutters assembly has supposedly worn out, a replacement indicator will show on the display of the shaver (after approx 18 months). It will light up for the next 7 shaves and then it will reset automatically.

You can reset it manually by pushing the reset button with a ball pen for 3 seconds.

All the Series 7 models, including the 790cc in our review use the 70s (silver) or 70b (black) cassettes.

Braun 70s replacement head

70s cassette.

See the price on Amazon

The cleaning cartridge must be replaced when the level indicator on the station blinks red. The cartridges can be bought in packs of 2, 3, 4 or 8 refills.

Braun Clean & Renew cartridges

Braun cleaning cartridge

See the price on Amazon

Both the cassette and the cleaning cartridges are widely available. However, you can save a lot by opting for one of the cheaper third-party cleaning solutions.

Wrap-up. Who should buy the 790cc?

It goes without saying that men who want one of the most comfortable shavers should definitely consider the 790cc.

Braun Series 7 790cc

Braun Series 7 790cc

See the price on Amazon

It is equally effective at shaving coarse and soft hair.

Men with sensitive skin that suffer from breakouts, irritation or ingrown hairs should also consider this razor for their next upgrade.

And because it can tackle longer hairs as well, it will still provide good results when used every three or even four days.

Finally, it is a very safe choice as it doesn’t have any major shortcomings, making it one of the most versatile shavers out there.

Alternative shavers

Braun Series 7 7865cc

Braun Series 7 7865cc

The newer 7865cc is a very similar electric shaver.

The main differences are a new grey color treatment, wet & dry use, updated LCD display and 5 personalization modes (as opposed to only 3).

As I mentioned in the review of the Series 7 7865cc, its shaving performance is excellent, maybe even slightly better compared to the 790cc thanks to that Turbo mode that is presumably 12% more powerful.

Being a newer model, the automatic cleaning station lacks induction heating and quick cleaning, but so does every Series 7 station currently manufactured.

However, the main reason to buy this one instead of the 790cc is the price. Despite being a newer release, it can sometimes be found for less money than a 790cc.

Keep in mind though that it only works cordless as a safety precaution.

Braun Series 5 5190cc

Braun Series 5 5190cc

The Braun Series 5 is a more budget-friendly alternative to the Series 7.

With an almost identical shaving head, it offers a very similar shaving performance, but at a lower price.

The Series 5  5090cc (black & red version) is a model that comes with an automatic cleaning station and is suitable for dry-only use, just like the 790cc in this review.

So if you are on a tighter budget and the Series 7 is looking like a very suitable option, definitely check out the Series 5 as well.

Unfortunately, the Series 5 has been discontinued (and replaced with an inferior generation), so in 2023, the best alternative to the Series 7 790cc is the Braun Series 8.

Braun Series 8 8457cc


See the price on Amazon

A Series 8 cc model like the 8457cc is currently the closest shaver performance-wise to the 790cc.

It feels really similar and the shaving head is identical.

Finally, we have the Arc 4 line from Panasonic.

Panasonic ES-LA63AA Arc 4


See the price on Amazon

Considering its price and performance, the Arc 4 is the direct competitor of the Series 7.

Both families have their own strengths and shortcomings as we’ve seen in the direct comparison of the two. However, when it comes strictly to the closeness of the shave, the Panny has the edge.

The ES-LA93-K is a 4-blade wet & dry electric shaver that also comes with a cleaning station.

So if closeness is particularly important to you and you don’t suffer from sensitive skin — Panasonics can be a bit aggressive compared to Braun — then the ES-LA93-K is probably a better choice.

If you don’t need the cleaning station you can simply buy the ES-LA63AA variation instead. I think it’s the better option since it costs less, is widely available, and very easy to clean.

UPDATE: In 2020 Braun released a new Series 7 generation exclusively to the USA and Canada markets. However, the new models are actually a downgrade from the original Series 7 like the 790cc, so I don’t actually recommend them. More details in this guide.

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    • Hi Ralph,

      you can leave the razor in the docking station as it will switch to a stand-by mode 10 minutes after the charging is complete.

      • Does the clean and renew solution last longer if i leave the cleaning unit plugged in? Reason im wondering is i unplug the unit from the wall after cleaning cycle is complete.

        • Hi Alen,

          it doesn’t make any difference if the cleaning unit remains plugged in. As I mentioned in the article, one thing that does help in this regard is removing the cartridge from the unit and putting the cap back on. The solution is alcohol based and will evaporate pretty fast.

  1. Why is my clean & renew station making weird noises? It is already a couple of years old.
    How and what does it take to repair the noises that the station is making? It still is cleaning my Braun 760 a complete cycle. Just that annoying noise. I am capable to fix but just looking for tips at 70 yrs old. Thanks, Tom

    • Hi Tom,

      it’s very difficult to find the cause of the noise just from the description in your comment. It could be an electric hiss – the station uses induction heat during the drying phase – or a some component becoming loose and causing loud vibrations when the razor is turned on for cleaning. I do not have actual hands on experience with dissembling a clean & renew station, so I am not qualified to give you more precise information. Your best option would be to search for an authorized Braun service center near you and send them the station.

      Hope this helps.


  2. I got a 790cc and I notice that after finishing the cleaning process, and sometimes the morning after, the foil cutter of the shaver is still wet, is that normal? In the past they tend to evaporate all cleaning residue with a little heat…any advise?

    • Hi Al,

      that is definitely not normal as the shaver should be completely dry after the cleaning cycle. The station uses induction heat to dry the shaver. If the foil is still wet, then there’s something wrong with your cleaning station. Also, it may be clogged (here‘s a guide that should be useful). If your unit is still covered by the warranty I highly recommend sending it for repairing. If the warranty has expired, then look for the closest authorized Braun service and contact them about your problem. Do not use your shaver while it is wet as it’s designed to perform optimally only when it is completely dry.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Hi, I have just bought a 790cc so can you tell me should i charge the shaver and the station overnight or what is the best way to charge from the start ?


    • Hi Danny,

      There is no need to charge it overnight as it uses a Li-ion battery. Simply connect the shaver to an outlet using the included cord until the battery is fully charged and you’re all set.

  4. I’ve used the 790cc about 10 times now and disappointed after reading all the amazing reviews. Still takes me 5 minutes for a good shave and what really irritates me it’s when I get pinched which has happened about 4 times now about if about 10 shaves.. Usually after a 2 day growth.. Users say 2 swipes and it’s smooth well that’s not nearly true for me.. Usually takes 5 for me.. Just saying for the price and reviews I am disappointed.

    • Hi Terry,

      Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated. 5 minutes is actually quite good in my opinion. The Series 7 is among the most forgiving and smooth shavers (at any price point), so if you’re constantly getting pinches, maybe there’s something you can improve regarding your technique. In my opinion this mainly happens when you’re going over an area too fast. Try using a slower stroke, always going against the grain.


      • Thanks I’ll try that.. One more problem I’m having is drying time.. I can use the razor 2 days later and it’s still wet rather I clean it myself or run it thru the cleanser,. So I usually have to leave it set out after shaving with the shaver apart so that it dries properly.. If I put it back together and put it in its case after cleaning it still is wet 2 days later.. Just a bit of inconvenience!

        • You are very welcome, Terry. That’s what I do as well with all my electric razors, regardless if they’re foil or rotary or if I clean them manually or with the cleaning station. Letting it dry overnight with the shaving head removed is the best you can do.


          • I have used 7 790cc one week now. It’s a stunning shaver!! The cleaning station is good, the cleaning time takes up to 15 min. only (high intensive).

  5. I have written before and received no answer. I am trying again on this review. I have the discontinued cleaning station that has induction heating for drying the razor. Can you tell me what current razors have the chip in them that will work with my cleaning station. Cleaning station model is 81365080.

    Thank you,


    • Hi David,

      Your previous comment was posted on the newsletter subscription confirmation page, which isn’t a published article, so I couldn’t reply to your comment.

      Your safest bet would be to go for one of the older solo models like the 720s or 740s if you can still find one. I am pretty confident that the newer ones (starting with 78, like 7893s, 7855s, etc.) should work as well, but I cannot guarantee that.


  6. I am very confused on the model 790cc. I thought it was wet/dry. But you lead this off that it is dry only. Is that correct? And, if so, why would this be better than a series 7 that can be used in the shower and with shaver cream, etc. etc.

    • One advantage would be that a dry only shaver will also work with the cord plugged in, and many users see that as a big plus. Also, most men prefer to shave dry. But you should definitely go for a wet/dry variation like the 7865cc for example if you’ll be using it in the shower.


  7. Hello Ovidiu. Happy new year!. I’m back to the series 7. Again!. It looks like I’ll be sticking with this for a while now. Shaving time has sealed the deal so to speak. It takes about 5-6 minutes to get a very close shave with the series 7. 10-11with the series 9. And even then it’s not quite as close. You would have thought that the performance would be similar considering they both have optifoils. But that’s the way it is. Best regards, Philip.

    • Hey Philip,

      Happy new year! Well, it definitely seems like the Series 7 is the one to have, it clearly works better than the S9 for you.


  8. Moving from Phillips Aquatouch to probably Braun 7 in a few days. The only concern I have is what about the coarse hair & rough beard that I have, how would Braun 7 stand up to that in terms of performance? I have read several reviews across all sites and haven’t seen this answered hopefully you could help here.

    • Hey,

      I suppose you will be getting one of the previous generation Series 7 models like the 790cc reviewed here. In this case, it should be fine when used on coarse hair. I do recommend the use of a pre-shave lotion as it will improve the performance of any shaver. My favorites are from Speick and Tabac, they just work better than all the other brands.


  9. I have come from a Philishave to the Braun (I managed to get one of these pretty cheap) and I am very happy with it. There is one minor issue I have with it and that is when it comes to fine hairs. I have very fine hair on side of my neck just behind the jaw and I have to go over them a few times. Apart from that its a very impressive shaver.

    • Hi Mario,

      Thank you for your comment. That’s actually quite normal and any electric shaver will struggle with cutting very fine hairs. And that’s simply because they’re very soft and won’t poke through the holes in the foils to get cut. I highly recommend using your shaver’s trimmer in order to get the hairs behind the jaw.


  10. I just purchased a 790cc. I have a 7071 flex, but since my Dad lives with us, his old Remington rotary shaver died so I gave him the 7071 as it was only a year old. I used the new 790 today, and it cut a five day growth within 7 minutes and the shave was superior anything else I’ve had with an electric shaver. It was almost as close as a razor and I’m not embellishing.

    • Thank you for your comment, Kevin. My experience was also similar regarding the older Series 7 generation (like the 790cc, 7865cc) and the new one (7071cc and so on). The older shavers are significantly better in all aspects.

      Enjoy your 790cc.



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